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At Homegrown Moving and Storage, we understand how challenging office relocations can be. Not only do you have to worry about the logistics and transportation of items, you have to plan everything to minimize disruption to your business. Juggling all of this is no easy feat, so it is best to leave it up to the professionals.

We are an experienced Denver office moving company with the knowledge and tools to move a business easily. Trust our reliable crew to handle all the scheduling, organization, and heavy lifting so you can better focus on running your company. We serve all of Denver and the Denver metropolitan area, as well as the cities and towns in the Rockies close to Denver. Give us a call today if you need help moving a business.

Why Hire Homegrown Movers as Your Professional Denver Office Moving Company

You may require the assistance of trained Denver office movers for a few different reasons. Hiring an experienced crew will give you peace of mind, knowing that trained professional movers will handle the entire process. Movers are specially trained and equipped with the required skills to get the job done right, no matter how complicated the project may be.

It also puts less stress on the employees and minimizes disruptions to your normal business routines. Denver office movers are more efficient than untrained staff members and can often accommodate after-hours projects to reduce distractions during the work week. The crew can also provide high-quality moving materials and assist with packing if needed, along with other services like storage or furniture disassembly.

Some of the Denver office moving services we offer include:
  • Small offices: We love working with small businesses, and our Denver small office movers will help transfer desks, computers, equipment, cubicles, and more.
  • Large offices: We also help with large corporate headquarters and will assist with the transportation of equipment and furniture and the project planning and organization to minimize disturbances.
  • Office equipment relocation: We can also assist with moving office equipment and machinery if you need to put it in storage or transfer it to a new location.
  • Office furniture relocation and assembly: Our Denver commercial office movers have the training, tools, and experience to quickly disassemble furniture and reassemble items at your new location.
  • Office furniture storage: Need somewhere to keep your excess furniture? We offer short-term and long-term furniture storage in our secure facility.
  • Office packing service: Our Denver office movers receive special training on properly packing for greater efficiency and safety. We'll gladly help you speed up the moving process with professional packing services.
Denver business moving almost always requires the help of trained professionals with access to the necessary tools. Some of the equipment our award-winning Denver office moving team will provide includes:
  • Specialized commercial moving trucks
  • Library, machine, and panel carts
  • Equipment and heavy furniture dollies
  • Furniture pads and blankets
  • Protection for floors, doors, elevators and hallways
  • Straps to keep everything secure in the truck
In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, we will also provide trained Denver office movers who know how to operate it. Our team has special skills useful during an office move, such as assembling and disassembling furniture, working with sensitive equipment data and wires, and moving as a team for maximum efficiency. 

Besides the heavy lifting, we can help with the scheduling and creation of an office move project plan. Our team will help you create a Denver office relocation checklist and provide expert office moving tips to ensure the job is smooth and organized. That way, you're properly prepared from the moment the movers arrive.

Denver Office Relocation Tips

  • Give your staff ample notice with an official office moving announcement. If you need a sample template, you can find one here.
  • Make sure to label everything properly to make the organization and unpacking easier. Click here if you need printable label templates for office moving boxes.
  • Check with your accountant to determine if you can capitalize office moving expenses.

Denver Office Moving Cost

As a business owner, you're likely very conscious of costs and want to ensure that the price of hiring Denver office movers makes sense for your bottom line. While it is an additional expense, you must consider how much money you may lose by disrupting your employees or shutting down your business to accommodate the relocation. So, in most cases, our Denver office relocation services pay for themselves.

However, several factors impact the rates Denver office moving companies typically charge. 

Variables that may influence pricing include:
  • The weight and volume of your boxes, furniture, and equipment
  • The distance between the starting point and destination
  • The size of the crew needed to handle the job
  • How much work is involved and whether you require additional service
  • The accessibility of both locations
  • The date and timing of the move (is it after hours or on the weekend)
  • Whether you need any special prep
  • If you require storage services before or after the relocation.
The best way to assess how much it might cost to hire a top Denver office moving company like Homegrown Movers is to reach out and request an estimate. We will take stock of the scope of your relocation and provide you with a custom quote. No matter how challenging or complex your relocation may be, you can rest assured that the price will be affordable.

Choosing the Best Denver Office Movers

Although hiring professionals can simplify the challenges of a business move, you must do the proper due diligence on any Denver office moving companies you may want to hire. A reputable crew will make the project smooth sailing while a team of amateurs will only cause more headaches. So, it would help if you did some research before hiring any particular company. 

Here are a few ways to spot a reliable Denver office moving company:
  • Do they have positive reviews on Google and Yelp?
  • Do they have a professional website with key statistics like claims rate and number of years in business?
  • Do they have the necessary tools and equipment for the job?
  • Does their crew have the necessary training?
  • Do they offer an office relocation project plan? 
  • Do they have prior experience with Denver business moving?
  • Are they properly licensed and insured?
  • How is their customer service team?
  • Do they meet all your requirements?

At Homegrown Movers, we are a full-service Denver office moving company with more than 30 years of experience. In that time, we've served thousands of customers and maintained a referral rate of 96% and a customer satisfaction rating of 4.8/5 stars. We've handled countless office moves in the Denver area, and we'll gladly assist with your next business relocation. Our 500+ positive reviews on Google say it all, and we promise to bring experience and professionalism to every relocation.
So, if you're in search of the top Denver office moving company, trust Homegrown Movers to make your journey smooth and stress-free. We serve Denver, all of the Denver metropolitan area, and the cities and towns in the Rockies close to Denver. Call (303) 587-6200 for a free, customized estimate from our friendly customer service team.

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