Moving to Evergreen guide

The town of Evergreen is located at over 7000 feet above the sea level, with a population of around ten thousand people. It is a unique place with a lot of diversity of wildlife and natural beauties. If you love nature, longs walks, hiking, biking, canoeing, then moving to Evergreen is the right thing for you! The first thing you need to do is hire Evergreen movers because things will get easy from that point. If you are moving from a bigger city, prepare for the change as it will be huge.

Rocky Mountain National Park
The Rocky Mountain National Park is something you must visit after the move

Things to know about Evergreen

Evergreen is located around 20 miles from Denver. If you are a working person, knowing that the capital city is just 40 minutes away is comforting. However, finding a job in Evergreen is also a possibility. If you are between jobs, make sure you check the available options in town. Are you are planning to buy real estate there? If so, you are in for a treat as houses are very affordable. Depending on your budget and the estimate given by local movers CO, the whole experience of relocating to Evergreen can be more than convenient.

Visiting Denver after moving to Evergreen
Denver is just 40 minutes away, don’t miss the chance to visit it

Things to do after moving to Evergreen

After you unpack your essentials box, we recommend you read a little about Evergreen and it’s history. For instance, it is good to know that before it became a town, Evergreen was a hunting ground for the Ute Indians. By 1860 settlers made the land into farms and ranches. Due to this, their economy was based on a lumber trade. The historic part of Evergreen has an abundance of small shops and restaurants. After all, you have to admit that a move to Evergreen has never sounded more exciting.

Main attractions in town

The main attraction without a doubt is the Evergreen Lake. It is located in the Evergreen downtown and is popular throughout the whole year. It is mostly popular for wakeless boating in the summer and ice skating in the winter. The famous Lake House rents boats, canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, you name it, they have it all. And the rent all of these from early May to mid-September. You will probably find information about Evergreen being a popular getaway for Old Hollywood celebrities, such as Greta Garbo. Find out where was Greta enjoying while here.

Woman paddling in a canoe
Rent a canoe or a boat at the Lake House and enjoy the ride

Recreation in Evergreen

If you like camping, you can visit either Echo Lake or Golden Gate Canyon State Park. They are both around an hour’s drive from Evergreen. For passionate fishermen, Evergreen and Echo Lake are the real deal. Hikers will not be disappointed in any way. Being in the Rocky Mountain area makes this destination a gem among other hiking places.

Festivities to visit after moving to Evergreen

There are several special events happening during the year, so make sure you don’t miss them. First of all, in November there is an Evergreen Winterfest happening. There you can find some very fine pieces of art to purchase. In February there is a winter festival on Evergreen Lake. Events include a ski and snowboard rail jam competition, an ice bike race, ice skating, family activities, and many more. Finally, in July there are Summerfest and Evergreen Jazz Festivals. These are certainly magnificent events, therefore make sure you do not miss them after moving to Evergreen.

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