Moving to Fort Collins guide

Fort Collins is a beautiful town located just a short drive away from Denver. It features an old town district with houses dating back to the 1800s. And it’s home to many breweries, restaurants and specialty shops. But, for many people, the reason for moving to Fort Collins is that it’s home to the Colorado State University. So, it’s a great place to live that has a lot to offer, both when it comes to education and entertainment. Moving to this historic town requires preparation and good planning. You need to find reliable Fort Collins movers, pack your belongings and plan where you are going to be living. As well as many other things that come with moving to another town. Here is a guide that will make your relocation easier and faster.

plan for moving to Fort Collins
Make a good plan for your relocation

Moving to Fort Collins requires a good plan

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to Fort Collins or any other town. In Colorado or someplace else. You need to have a good plan. There are a lot of steps involved in every relocation. And you need to be ready for all the challenges and obstacles that you are going to face. From researching about life in Fort Collins to buying packing supplies and getting your items ready for transport. So, having a good plan can help you a great deal in this regard. There are a few things that you have to plan for:

  • Know exactly what you will be moving
  • Set an approximate date for your move
  • Find a reliable moving company
  • Have a home ready for you before moving to Fort Collins
  • Make a list of your belongings
  • Packing your belongings for the move
  • Organizing your movers, family, and friends

Adjust the plan to your situation

There are also many other things that need to be done that are specific to your situation. So, you need to adjust your plan according to your unique situation. If you have house plants, you need to prepare them for the move. If you are planning on moving your furniture, make sure you prepare it. You might need some extra tools for disassembling furniture. There are a lot of specific situations that you need to plan for. And you also need to set aside the time to prepare your family as well. To talk to your children, organize care for them on a moving day and make the transition easier on them. 

list of belongings you will be moving to Fort Collins
Make a complete list of items you plan on bringing with you

Make a list of items that you will be moving to Fort Collins

One of the first items on your agenda should be to make a list of all the items you plan on moving to Fort Collins. That way, you will be able to for a much better plan for the rest of your move. You will know exactly what it will take to pack and transport everything. As well as have a much better idea of the cost of your move. So, creating a good inventory list has many benefits. Go room by room and write down everything that you will be taking with you. From smallest to biggest items. For things that are large or oddly shaped, make sure you write down the dimensions. As it will make it easier to shop for packing supplies later. 

You need reliable movers when moving to Fort Collins

Moving is a complicated and difficult process. There are a lot of things that need to be done. And almost never enough time to do them. So, having a moving company to assist you can speed things up and make everything a lot easier. But, you also need to find reliable Fort Collins movers. A moving company that will be available when you need them. And one that you can count on to relocate your belongings without hiccups. 

choose moving date
Work out a move date with a moving company

Choose the date for moving to Fort Collins

Choosing a date when you will be moving to Fort Collins might not seem that important. But, it can make a big difference. Simply choosing a different day of the week can save you some money on relocation costs. Or cause you to pay extra. For example, moving on a holiday weekend can be especially difficult. As most stores are closed. So there won’t be any last-minute shopping for packing supplies. But, moving on an ordinary workday can cause the price of your move to drop. So, choose your moving date wisely. But also make sure you give yourself some flexibility. As you might not be able to find quality movers that are available on that particular date.

Packing your belongings

Packing is one of the most difficult tasks when moving. You need to make sure that all your belongings are properly packed. And safe to transport. And different items need to be packed differently. So, start as early as you can by buying quality packing materials. From boxes to sealing tape and plastic wrap. Make sure you have everything you need before you even start. Then, look for guides on packing. Knowing how to pack a box can help you a great deal. As you will be able to properly protect your belongings. And you won’t have to worry about damaged items. 

have an essentials bag when moving to Fort Collins
Make sure you pack a bag with everyday essentials like a phone charger, toothpaste, spare clothes, etc.

Last-minute preparation when moving to Fort Collins

If everything goes according to plan you have a successful move ahead of you. But, in order to complete this process, you need to make some last-day preparations. It’s good if you are present when the residential movers arrive. As you can guide them through your belongings. And you should also make sure to have an essentials bag ready. A bag that contains the most important items for you. It should contain water, some food, an extra pair of socks, charging cables, toothpaste and so on. Everything that you need to “survive” until your belongings arrive. 

Enjoy your life in Fort Collins

Now that you’ve moved, all that is left to do it settle in. You need to unpack your belongings and throw a housewarming party. And the rest of your life begins. It’s time to enjoy Fort Collins for a while. Visit the local attractions. Try different restaurants and breweries. And make Fort Collins your new home. 

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