Moving to Highlands Ranch guide

If you are considering relocation within the state of Colorado, think about moving to Highlands Ranch. You will love it here, we guarantee you. Highlands Ranch is a master-planned community with around 22000 acres of land, currently in development. It is only around 12 miles from downtown Denver. First residents came here in 1981, which was not too long ago. The building of this community is almost complete, therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy the community in its full capacity. The reasons for moving to Highlands Ranch can be different. If you are looking for lower taxes and cheaper rent or real estate, for instance, you came to the right place. All you need to do now is call your Highlands Ranch movers, and set up a moving date.

Moving to Highlands Ranch means getting a good education for your kids

When moving with the entire family and kids, you need to worry about more than just your needs. With pre-school children, you certainly need to start thinking about their education. Each parent has its own set of criteria for the schools, so it is best you do a little bit of research. Douglas County School District is the third-largest district in Colorado. It has been recognized as one of the best in the country, and Highlands Ranch has over 20 schools in this district. They are providing an incredible education from pre-schoolers to those of high-school age. You can choose the type of school, based on the concept. If moving to Highlands Ranch you’ll see all sorts, from a neighborhood-zoned to charter schools. If you prefer state movers from the local ones, get in touch with the Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado.

Children in a classroom with a female teacher
Schools in Highlands Ranch are considered as one of the best in the country

A lot of job opportunities and new businesses

In case you moved here due to some other reason than the job, fear not. There are plenty of job opportunities in the Highlands Ranch community. Many companies are moving their headquarters here because of the lower taxes. A company that moves here will certainly look for the local employees, so you have all the chances you can get. There are more than two thousand businesses in the community, and the number keeps growing. The areas of business are so different, so you can take your chances with what you really love or are schooled for. No need to accept any job, just to make ends meet. Here, the possibilities are really great and numerous. After you finish with getting moving insurance, you can slowly start looking for a job in Highlands Ranch.

Numerous activities await if you move to Highlands Ranch

The whole state of Colorado is known to be the healthiest, with its most active residents. If you are an outdoor, nature-loving type, relocating to Highlands Ranch is the right choice for you. In this community, you can find the incredible 19 parks and over 60 miles of trails, for those who love running, hiking, biking, and similar activities. For golf lovers, there are two 18-hole courses. Some of the parks even have a no-leash policy, meaning you can take your dog there and let him run wild and play. Other than this there are four recreation centers: Northridge, Eastridge, Southridge, and Westridge. There you can find tennis and racquetball courts, but also a rock climbing area. The best way to find out all you need before arriving is by visiting the Highlands Ranch Community Association website.

A woman hiking after moving to Highlands Ranchh
The Highlands Ranch offers many hiking and running trails

Have we convinced you yet into moving to Highlands Ranch?

Let us wrap up by saying that one of the best things in Highlands Ranch is the weather. Here, you can experience the 300 hundred days of sun. Due to its altitude of almost six thousand feet, citizens can enjoy the four-season weather, with no extreme temperatures in either direction. There are no dreadful summer heats, the highest temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius. If you are more of a winter type, don’t worry there will be snow here. Sometimes it might melt by the morning, but it will give the opportunity for snowballing or building a snowman.

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