Moving to Longmont: Things to know

If you are a young person that is looking for a great job and a peaceful environment to grow in, Longmont might just be the perfect place for you. If you have a young family and kids, and you are hoping to let them grow up in a healthy community, this just might be what you are looking for. Moving to Longmont is going to be one of the best decisions you made. So if you think this might be just what you need, hire some of the best Longmont movers and move right away. You will be happier than ever before with your new home and a new life you are about to build for yourself. Your family will be as happy as you are as well. You really are making a great choice.

What should you know before moving to Longmont?

When it comes to moving to a new city, it really isn’t just about packing your bags and heading for it. You have to know as much information as you possibly can and prepare for every situation that you can possibly get into. If you are moving from a warm, sunny state like Florida, imaging hiring your interstate movers, packing all of your belongings and heading here, just to find out that it’s snowing in Longmont and you don’t have any winter clothes.  That is why you need to know everything, from climate to live costs. Some of the things you should inform about are:

  • What is the weather like?
  • How about the job market?
  • What are the housing prices?
  • How about the costs of living?
  • Median income?
  • Is it safe to live in Longmont?
  • Are there any good schools?
  • Where can you go out if you are moving to Longmont?
The weather
You must know what is the weather like in Longmont before moving here

Once you know everything that you need to know about Longmont, you will make the best decision about moving there. All you need to do is prepare and everything will be just fine.

Weather in Longmont

It’s important to know what the weather is like, not just so you can get the right clothes. You will have to choose your new house and you need to know what characteristics to look for. It gets really hot in the summer, about an average of 89°F in June, to as low as 12°F on average in January. So you are going to need your winter clothes. Most people move during the summer, but some are moving offseason as well. If you are moving off-season, make sure you do it the right way. You are going to love the city both in June and in January all the same.

Consider the job market when moving to Longmont

If you are a young professional and have a job in the tech business, you will love it here. Longmont is a great place since the standard is high, there is a high-speed internet and young people love it. That is why so many companies moved here. You will easily find great jobs if you decide that moving to Longmont is what you need to do. Companies like Xilinx, DigitalGlobe, Seagate, Technology and many others are waiting for you.

Housing prices

Median home price in Longmont is $291,200 and it is constantly growing. The reason for it is the fact that so many young people looking for homes are moving in here all the time. If you look hard and apply as soon as you see something that you like, you will be just fine.

a hand with six houdred dollar bills
Homes are not really expensive here

Costs of living when moving to Longmont

This is something that you will surely like about the Longmont. It is pretty much in the middle when it comes to the costs of living. It’s not among the cheapest or most expensive places to live in. That is why you can be sure that the standard is pretty high here. That is the reason that so many people are moving here. If you want to be one of them, you are in luck since there are some of the best moving companies here, like Homegrown Moving and Storage Company CO. You are going to love it here.

What is the median income in Longmont?

If you are willing to work, you will find a job. There is no doubt that Longmont has an amazing side, such as this one. And, that is just the reason that you are going to be able to earn more than enough to have a great life quality. The median household income is $66,349 per year. And that is just great.


When it comes to safety, you are going to be more than fine. In 2011. Longmont was named the second safest city in Colorado. That is why, if you are moving to Longmont, you will be safe. Crime rates are decreasing all the time so you can relax and enjoy your new home.

moving to Longmont- thumbs up
Longmont is a safe city and that is why you will feel secure here

Schools in Longmont

You can relax, there are good schools for your kids in Longmont. They might not be the best in the state, but they are surely not the worst as well. Some schools like Blue Mountain Elementary school have great reviews. Go to the schools you are interested in and see if your kids can fit in nicely.

Where can you go out in Longmont?

Craft breweries are just everywhere. If you like craft beer, Longmont is going to be your heaven. You should try as many as you can and you will just love it. Other than this, there are many great restaurants and coffee shops, especially in downtown. You should make sure you visit Longmont at least once before you move so you can make sure everything fits you. This way you will see if there are some places you can visit and like. Other than this, there are other great places you should see in Longmont, like Longmont Museum & Cultural Center and Union Reservoir Park. If you have kids, they will love it here as well.

Moving to Longmont can really be one of the best decisions you made. That is why you should visit it and see if you can fit in. If you think that this is the right place for you, don’t worry, you are going to make just the right choice.

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