Moving when your kids are with you

There’s no task as uniquely difficult, time-consuming, and stressful as relocating. If this is true for adults, just imagine how hard it can be for children. Kids have a special bond with their surroundings, and breaking it can bring plenty of sadness. For this reason, before moving when your kids are with you, you need to make sure everything goes smoothly. Not only will they leave the area they are familiar with, but they will also leave a lot of their friends behind. Unfortunately, your moving day is drawing closer and movers Boulder CO are almost there. However, there’s no reason to worry. Although difficult, it is possible to help your kids adapt to the changes and make the move simpler. The most important thing to remember is that compassion and understanding are key. With that said, let us tell you how to approach moving with your kids correctly.

Discuss the upcoming moving tasks as a family

Making sure the entire family is on the same page about the relocation holds priority over any plans and schedules. The best way to achieve this is to call up a family meeting in a relaxing setting. Prepare a meal your kids enjoy, or order pizza, and discuss the tasks at hand. Do your best to explain why relocating is necessary, and that it doesn’t need to be scary. Be respectful of your kids and their feelings, be open, and encourage them to talk. Carefully listen to them and ask for feedback. And above all, try to get them involved in the moving process as much as you can. Even though your chosen moving companies Denver will do most of the work, the main point is inclusivity. If your kids know and feel that what think and do has value, they will without a doubt feel more mature and included.

two children sitting under a tree
Kids have a difficult time adapting to changes, be mindful of this

Before moving when your kids are with you, explore your new neighborhood together

It is always advisable to visit your future home before you finally settle in. Purely because performing an early inspection of the house will help with the process of moving in and adapting. This is also the perfect opportunity to bring your kids with you and give them a grand tour. It is very beneficial for your children to get familiar with the house they will soon live in. This also benefits you, as you will be able to prevent moving day injuries. And you shouldn’t just stop with the house either, because the more you explore, the more excited your kids will be. Check a couple of nearby schools together, and see which one would fit them the best, based on the distance and the school program. You could also try and meet your future neighbors along the way, and help your kids relax and make friends in advance.

No move can happen without a bit of decluttering

Before you set out on your relocation journey together with your young ones, you first need to make sure your current home is sorted out. You can’t start packing before you know what will go with you and what will get left behind. Since you have children, there’s a good chance that you have an abundance of toys, and you surely won’t take all of them with you. Decluttering before the move is a great way to pack quickly and properly. Not only will it keep your kids busy during the move, but it will also help you pack more efficiently.

A mom packing with her children before moving
Help your kids pack and do some decluttering along the way

Keep in mind to always consult your kids before throwing some of their items out. One of the best approaches to decluttering is the “3 boxes” method:

  • Keep box – This box will contain all the toys, books, and games your children wish to keep and take with them. It may be a bit difficult, but remember to compromise. Encourage your kids to keep as few things as possible, with the promise of buying them some new items after the move.
  • Trash box – Not that much explanation requires for this one. If something is too old, worn down, and without a useful purpose, it should be thrown away. It is very important to explain to your kids that they shouldn’t be sentimental with items such as these.
  • Donate box – Contrary to the trash box, if you have items that are still in good condition, but serve you no actual purpose, consider donating them. Old toys and outgrown clothes can easily be donated to a charitable organization in your area. Or, if you have friends with smaller children, ask them if they would need any of your surplus items.

Before moving when your kids are with you, make a goodbye party for closure

As we’ve previously said, kids can have a really hard time accepting and adapting to the relocation. Their current surroundings include friends, family, and places they are familiar with and connected with. In order to help your kids move on and accept the relocation process, it isn’t a bad idea to organize a farewell party. Invite the people close to your children such as other family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, and classmates. Prepare drinks, snacks, and games for the kids. To make long-lasting connections and memories, encourage them to exchange contact information and keepsakes. Talk to the other parents and exchange your social media information, such as Skype names or Facebook profiles. You’d be surprised how useful a video call is when your kids start feeling nostalgic.

kids playing under a colorful tarp
Allow your kids to properly say goodbye to friends and create lasting memories

After this point, you can really focus on moving when your kids are with you. To make the move as simple as can be, consider hiring professional residential movers. They will take care of your entire household with maximum care and efficiency, leaving you plenty of time to tend to your family. Settling into your new home will also be much simpler with professionals by your side. Once you finally move in, you can start adapting to your new house and the local area. Keep in mind that the first few days after the move are critical, so make them entertaining for your kids. Visit local museums and parks, go for walks, or get ice cream. Fun activities will keep their minds occupied and away from the moving blues. All things considered, your relocation will be fun for the whole family.

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