Organizing an emergency move with kids

A family relocation is not an easy project but when it turns out to be an emergency move with kids, things get to be even more complicated. Not only moving is a physically exhausting experience but it also becomes highly emotionally draining for every party in the process. Among other moving tips movers Boulder CO have come up with a guide on how to organize a smooth move with children even if it is an urgent one.  Careful planning from start to finish is crucial. Planning begins with informing the children of the upcoming move. It also includes organizing the details of moving, as well as getting to know your new community together with your kids.

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What to take into consideration when organizing an emergency move with the kids

The positive open approach

Children routinely reflect their parents’ attitudes. Therefore, when you are planning to move on short notice, your reaction to the upcoming event is most important. Focus on the positive. A positive parental attitude will have a soothing effect on the children. Prepare the kids in advance for the move, regardless it happens a year, a month, or a week before.  Telling the children immediately about the move will give them time to adjust to the idea no matter how long that period is.

Answer all questions. Explain the reasons for the move as openly as you can, depending on the child’s age. An honest open talk will give you an idea of the specific worries your kids have about the move. This will give you the chance to clear up their fears and let them know you are interested in their opinions and feelings. Include the kids into the move. This will give them a sense of responsibility and self-worth. Among many others, you can choose professional moving companies in Denver area for a smooth relocation with children. A company experienced in moving families will downsize your responsibilities. Instantly, you will have more time to devote to your children. These are the steps you can take to ease the insecure feelings some children have when removed from familiar surroundings.

An emergency move with kids
Keep the kids in the loop when moving

Look for Kid-Friendly Things In Your New Neighborhood

It is difficult to leave the old home, neighborhood, school, and close friends. On the other hand, moving can be a great opportunity for all family members, including children to grow personally. Take the situation as it is and make it a beneficial experience for everyone.

Firstly, revealing the name of a town, neighborhood where you are moving to is a good way to start with your kids. Secondly, do the immediate research of what there is to do in the new town. Showcase everything and don’t forget nearby attractions. Show them the pictures on the Internet of local preferred sports teams, swimming pools, parks, playgrounds. Seeing is believing.

Visit Your New Destination Together

The ideal scenario will be to leave the moving chores to the professionals and take a trip to your new neighborhood together with your kids and explore what it has to offer. Your child may find out a nearby amusement park interesting, or they may like a local restaurant. This will give them something to be excited about. On the whole, this is will be a good time to tour potential schools as well thus allowing your children the opportunity to meet school administrators and teachers.

Take pictures of your old neighborhood

Taking pictures of the old home, bedroom, school, local park, playground, and with friends of course will help emotionally go over moving. Not only these will make excellent memory books for the future but will also be a safe place to return to should your children need them in the process of adapting to a new place.

An emergency move with the kids – the practical side

Now that we have covered the most important emotional issues that may arise while organizing the move with kids, let us get practical and see what muscle work there is to it.  What  should you organize and do

  • Before the move
  • On a moving day
  • After the move

To ensure a smooth move you must keep your children involved in the process from start to finish. Nobody likes to be left out. So if the kids are of an age when they can be present during the move use it wisely to everybody’s advantage.

Before the move

Come up with a to-do list before the move. Give your children the lists that include cleaning jobs, organizing, and packing. They now have the task of organizing all their things for the move.  Give them colored stickers to organize and decide what will be going with them to the new house or what is going to charity. After that, packing up their things into boxes will be faster and easier. Also, they can write their names on the boxes and even decorate them if they’d like or keep the colored stickers to know what is inside once your residential movers CO arrive.

On a moving day

Introduce your children to professional movers and drivers who will care for their things before, during, and after transportation. Keep your children’s prized possessions, snacks, and plenty

of water close in a special bag or a box specifically utilized for the moving day. Be sure you have stocked​ ​​​​​​up on books, activities, or games to keep the kids occupied at the time when you need to monitor and help the moving process.

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Stock up books, games, and activities for the moving day

After the move

Meet your new neighbors, and introduce your children to the neighbor kids. Give older children tasks to explore spotlights in a new neighborhood. If the children are going to a new school make sure they get to know the location, the school building, and other pupils. Leave unpacking for later but start with the children’s bedroom first. For now, give the priority to your children’s adapting.

We hope these tips and tricks will make your relocation easier. Regardless of whether you are organizing an emergency move with kids or an ordinary one it will be a stressful situation.  If you take the time to prepare your children well in advance, involve them in the moving process, and stay calm, you are likely to have a less rough relocation time while children will have positive reactions to moving.

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