Packing a book collection for a move to Parker

Anyone who has ever owned books knows the frustration of a bent cover, a ripped page, or even lost books. When relocating, you need to learn how to pack them. You need to understand the ways of packing a book collection for a move to Parker. You want to avoid damage while moving your books from one house to the next. The best way is to hire movers. Movers are professionals and they know how to pack things. They have done a lot of book packing and relocation of people. Moving companies Denver CO are the type of companies that you need when moving. Using our step-by-step guide is the best way to pack books for moving if you decide to do it on your own.

Streamline your collection

Books can be heavy and you need to think to yourself if you need all those books. It can be tempting to hold onto every book in your collection, but a way for a good library means knowing when to let some old stories go. Go through your books and decide which ones you’ll take with you and which ones you’ll throw away. Or even better, you can sell them, give them away to someone, or donate them to charity. Movers Parker CO will explain to you why bringing books that you don’t need can raise moving expenses. More weight, more money!

Books on a shelf
Give away books that you don’t need anymore

Pack your books early

Books take a long time to pack, mainly because it involves multiple quality boxes and careful placement. This is not one of those things that you can leave for the last minute. Packing books usually involves reading and deciding which one you will bring with you. We recommend making your books a top priority when making a packing plan. It really can take a lot of time and it is the best thing to start early! Packing a book collection for a move to Parker can be tricky if you leave it as the last thing to pack.

Group your books by size

The more books you own, the more you’ll notice that they come in different sizes! It adds some nice visual interest to your shelf, but it can be hard to pack them. You should pack smaller ones first and for that, you don’t need a big box. If you need to carry all those books in an apartment, you can always hire apartment movers Denver.

Books stacked in line
Group your books by size in a box

Make sure boxes are strong, lined with packing paper and well-sealed

Books can be heavy and they can get damaged easily. That is why it is important to know how to manage everything. For books find strong plastic or cardboard boxes. When you’ve made certain the box will be strong enough for books, put extra tape to the bottom where the seam of a box is formed. This will make sure that it will hold the weight. Finally, line all your book boxes with a couple of layers of packing paper or newsprint. Movers in DTC are there for you if you need strong packing supplies for your relocation.

Fill any gaps with packing materials

As nicely rectangular as books are, there’s often space left over in the box. When that happens, you want to fill all holes and gaps so they don’t move. You could use your clothes to fill in the gaps in the boxes. This is a great way to reduce waste and pack a few more things at the same time. This is perfect for the job because clothing materials are soft, flexible, and durable. We highly recommend using moving services Denver, because this will make your life much easier.

What if I need to put books in storage?

Packing a book collection for a move to Parker, if your moving requires storage, is the same.  As long as where you’re storing them in a clean and dry environment everything will be just fine. If you follow the rules we mentioned about packing, you will be fine. You just need to make sure that storage units are safe. Some people have really valuable books in their collection, and if somebody steals them, you will be very unhappy! Make sure that only you have the key to the storage unit!

Label them

When you move things like books, you need to make sure that people who bring them know what is inside. If you have valuable old books you can write fragile. Anybody who reads this will take it with care. They won’t throw them on the ground or something like that. You should always write which end is which. It will make unpacking much easier for you later.

When packing a book collection for a move to Parker, write fragile on a box
Write “Fragile” on a box with books

Packing positions

There are 3 different ways of packing books inside a box:

  • Flat, on their backs – If books are the same size this is an ideal position for stacking
  • Standing up – This refers to the position books are in on shelves. If you decide to pack this way, spines should be facing the walls
  • Spine down –  Your pages are less likely to be damaged when you pack your books with the spine

Keep one or two books out to read

If you want to hire movers and decide to let them pack also before they come, make sure that you have one or two books with you. It is a good way to kill the time during the move. Some long distance moves can be really hard and boring. Reading is a good way to entertain yourself during the move.

To Sum Up

When you decide to move with your books, make sure that you bring only the ones that you need. Bringing unnecessary books will cost you more. More weight, more money for the trip. Follow the tips we wrote here. This way you will ensure that all the books are safe during the transport. And if you need to put them in storage, they will be safe for a long period. Packing a book collection for a move to Parker can be easy. The city of Parker is awesome, and we are sure that you will enjoy reading your books in your new home there.

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