Packing a four-bedroom Lakewood house in a week – can it be done?

Moving is a part of our lives that is sometimes necessary. People move because they want to live in a new healthier environment, they want better opportunities, better salary… When you decide to move you need to think about a lot of stuff. Who are you going to hire to do the moving? What are you going to bring with you? What is your budget for moving? If you need to move from Lakewood CO, always request moving quotes Denver, because that way you are going to ensure that everything is going to go smoothly. You can demand full service. They are going to do everything for you. That way you can enjoy your move and not stress out. But, if you pack on your own, you should continue reading this and learn about packing a four-bedroom Lakewood house in a week.

Find enough supplies

When you need to relocate fast you don’t have time for multiple trips searching for packing supplies. You need to calculate how much packing supplies and what packing supplies you need for everything. Time is precious here. You can use plastic boxes, wooden boxes, bubble wrap, trash bags… Most of them you can find them free. For example, cardboard boxes can be found free in electronic stores. Almost everything is packed in cardboard boxes there. Wooden crates can be found in grocery stores for free. You need to calculate how much you need of everything and it’s better to have more than you need in this situation. If you decide on professional movers to do everything you need packing services Denver CO and look how fast they are going to do it.

Cardboard boxes are important when packing a four-bedroom Lakewood house
Find enough packing supplies for moving

Don’t forget the details

When you need to pack in less than a week, especially if you are packing a four-bedroom Lakewood house, it’s important to take care of the details. What do we mean about that? You need to think about filing a change of address in a post office, you need to shut down your gas, electricity, internet, cable… If you forget about this, it can cost you a lot! Unfortunately, a week is not enough time sometimes to do this because of the bureaucracy. If you decide to use some of the moving services Denver, you will have more time to deal with these problems and find a faster solution to avoid paying bills for another month unnecessary.

Find some help

Packing a four-bedroom house in Lakewood is not an easy task. That’s why you need to ask your friends and family for help. Nothing says thank you like hot pizza. We are sure that you will find someone who can help you. But, if you can’t find anyone you can hire help online. There are a lot of different sites online where you can find help for packing. A better solution is hiring movers Lakewood CO who will do everything for you professionally and quickly.

Man and a woman talking
You can always ask your friend for help

Things to do a week before moving from a four-bedroom Lakewood house or apartment

There are a lot of things that you need to do on your own before you get out of your house or apartment. You don’t want to leave a dirty place or cause some unexpected trouble to the next resident who is going to live there. If you are moving out, that doesn’t mean that you just walk out. Here are things not to forget when moving out and packing your four-bedroom place:

  • Unplug your fridge and freezer – Always put a towel in front of it so the leaking water doesn’t destroy the floor
  • Redirect scheduled deliveries – You don’t want your new pair of sneakers to arrive for a new resident. Call and reschedule.
  • Drain water hoses of your washing machines or your ice maker – You don’ want unexpected clogged trouble.
  • Clean all pipes in the house if they have problems – If you leave them clogged and the next resident has issues, and sewer water comes back, the whole place will be ruined.

When you are done, and the time is to go from your place, contact apartment movers Denver for help with moving all other stuff that you need. You can always ask them for their advice on what to do with the place when you are moving and what to be careful with.

Tag furniture for easier placement

When you pack your furniture, it is easy to forget what part of your bed goes where? Is it a part from the bed in the living room, or part from the bed in the bedroom? When you are in a hurry and you have only one week to do everything, you don’t want to lose time and think about how are you going to pack that. Put a note on the peace of thing you are carrying. For example, if you need to disassemble the bed into a few pieces, put a note on each piece where it goes (Bed-living room-left side of the bed). And just put in the truck all the things. When you need to assemble again, you just read the note and know where to carry the stuff. If you don’t do that you are going to have a huge problem finding where everything goes later.

Sofa in a room
Put notes on the bed pieces when you disassemble to know what is what

Be smart – hire movers

Quick packing of your stuff, especially if you are packing a four-bedroom Lakewood house, is a thing that requires movers. You can try and do everything by yourself, but in the end, something is not going to go as planned. There is a possibility that you are not going to make it on time. That’s why you need to find movers who are capable to do this task in a week. When you find what you want, request a moving quote. This is important because you don’t want to pay more than you have to. When you make a plan with them about moving, tell them all that needs to be done so they organize everything well.

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