Packing and moving small kitchen appliances

Packing is that one part of the moving process that everyone dreads. It takes a long time to do it and if you don’t do it right, you can end up with a heartbreaking result. If we could pick one room as the most difficult to pack, it would be the kitchen. Apart from the fact that it usually is one of the biggest rooms, it also has many items. The majority of them are weirdly shaped and/or delicate. Because of these items, and many other reasons, it is best to hire some full service moving companies Denver. But packing is also doable on your own. All you need is a little bit of knowledge on packing and moving small kitchen appliances.

Our best tips on packing and moving small kitchen appliances

If you are living a minimalist lifestyle, you might have only a few kitchen appliances. But let’s face it, kitchen appliances have a certain charm to them. When you see them, you just want to buy more and more. And let’s not lie, the majority of them can make everyday cooking tasks much easier. Some of the most frequently seen kitchen appliances are:

  • Coffee makers
  • Microwaves
  • Blenders
  • Toasters
  • Mixers
  • Air fryer

But once you decide to hire some packing services Denver CO, the number of kitchen appliances can be overwhelming. Fear not, because, with the right tips on packing and moving small kitchen appliances, it will be much easier to do.

Picture of a kitchen counter
The majority of people have many kitchen appliances

Clean kitchen appliances first

Since these items are used in the kitchen, the majority of them will have grease, crumbs, and other food remaining on them. You don’t want any of that in your new home. So, before you pack them up and give them to some movers Lakewood CO, clean each one thoroughly. Once you finish, let them dry before wrapping them up, to prevent moisture from being trapped inside.

Remove parts that can be removed

Even though the additional parts of the appliances don’t add much weight to them, it will be safer to pack them separately. The blade of your blender, for example, should be packed separately, but still in the same box as the blender itself. If your appliances have fragile parts, don’t forget to label the boxes. This way, some movers in DTC will know to handle these boxes with care.

Wrap appliances and put them in the right-sized boxes

Packing paper and bubble wrap are a must when packing almost anything. They will offer great protection while moving the items with some local movers Denver CO. Now when it comes to boxes, the ideal solution would be to pack the appliance in its original box. But let’s be honest, who keeps those? Try to find a box that has just enough space for the appliance to fit. If you feel it shifting around, fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap or packing paper. Don’t put two appliances in a bigger box because they will most likely get damaged.

Person packing and moving small kitchen appliances with bubble wrap
Bubble wrap and packing paper will be your best friends when packing

Conclusion on packing and moving small kitchen appliances

Packing and moving small kitchen appliances doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. If you have many items in your kitchen, you should start packing on time. If you are doing the packing process right, it will take quite some time to complete. The pressure of not having enough time to get everything ready is the last thing you will want on top of the already existing moving stress! We wish you good luck.

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