Packing expensive antiques the right way

Packing and moving expensive items is always stressful. Not to mention the situation where you have fragile, antique, and expensive pieces with you. You must surely organize properly, pack like a pro, and find Colorado movers able to undertake this task and complete it successfully. The whole endeavor will take the best of you unless you cover each step adequately. Therefore, we will help you with a small guide on packing expensive antiques. Let us show you how to do it right.

Packing expensive antiques with a proper plan in place

Packing expensive antiques requires good organization. It is imperative to forge your moving plan the right way and cover all scenarios that might cause a moving mishap. Therefore, start by inspecting your belongings. Firstly, you must create a checklist with all the tasks ahead and with all those expensive items in question. The next step is to inspect your home and figure out if there are any obstacles on the way. Inspect your floors, doors, hallways, and staircases. This way you will reduce the chances for hazardous events significantly. Moreover, you’ll figure out how many items you have and with it, how many packing supplies are required.

packing expensive antiques
Consult with your movers on the number of packing supplies required.

Now when you covered this step, you can begin calculating moving costs. Of course, numbers will be rough, but it is a start. From here you should contact your moving company and figure out the best moving services CO for your situation. Let your movers assist you by providing estimates and finalizing your moving plan.

Find a trustworthy moving company

No matter how you pack your antiques and expensive items. If you have the wrong moving company with you, it can end in a disaster. Therefore, you must research online and find the right moving team to assist you. Pay special attention to the moving services, prices, and read reviews. Compare movers across the field and eventually, you’ll find the right one for you. Just make sure you give them a call in due time to prepare them for this journey. Also, ask if they are licensed and if they possess all the tools and equipment to cover this one. The main focus should be on safety and flawless execution. If your movers do not meet the requirement, simply move on.

There are moving teams specialized in packing expensive antiques and furniture. You should find such a team and we strongly recommend considering the packing services CO. Especially when moving expensive cargo. They have the tools and knowledge to completely pack and relocate all your belongings successfully. Think about it.

Packing expensive antiques deserve a delicate approach

When it comes to expensive antique pieces, you must have a plan from start to finish. The same way you inspected your home, you should do the same with your new place. Layout furniture plan upfront and already find a place for your favorite pieces. The same goes for the boxes containing fragile and expensive belongings. You must find them a safe place inside the home. You will be moving around the house unpacking for at least a week. It would be a waste if they survived the journey only for you to accidentally kick them while passing through. Therefore, keep your boxes in one room and take stuff from there while unpacking.

fragile sign on a wooden crate
Label your boxes the right way and increase their safety.

As for furniture, you’ll have to be careful and pay closer attention when near them. So, make a plan from the start and include the method of packing, loading the moving truck, unloading, and settling in. If you have the full circle plan, you can’t go wrong.

Downsize and declutter if possible

Now, before you begin packing, figure out if you can get rid of some excess items you are not using anymore. The decluttering process will make your relocation easier, cheaper, and you won’t be cluttering your new space. Hence, set aside all those broken pieces, old appliances, and miscellaneous. Replace broken items with new ones and start fresh in your new home. The best way to get rid of it is to organize a yard sale, donate to charity, or sell online.

What about the antique furniture?

People mostly move antique furniture. And why this process creates such a problem is the fact that the antique pieces are usually big and robust. Mostly made of hardwood and it can weigh a couple of hundreds of kilograms. The best example is the piano. You should never attempt to move the piano yourself. Especially if we are talking about a rare irreplaceable specimen. Moreover, if you get the idea to disassemble your furniture to make it easier to move, you should consult a professional first. Call your antique dealer and obtain full guidance on how to handle this process. On the other hand, if you decide on doing this yourself, you will need a bit of patience, skill, and proper tools. Note the following:

A pile with old antique pieces
It is not easy to handle fragile items so prepare well
  • Tools – You will need a standard everyday toolkit containing pliers, a hammer, and screwdrivers. Also, you’ll need a pair of leather gloves to protect your furniture from excess moisture and nail marks. Please avoid power tools while doing this. One slip and the damage will be permanent.
  • Small pieces – Keep the smaller pieces like screws and bolts in a separate bag. You’ll need them later for sure.
  • Bigger pieces – You must protect each piece individually. Use blister packs, sheets, or a tarp. And remember, some pieces are not meant to be disassembled. Therefore, if you can’t remove it, do not attempt to do it by force. Protect the piece as it is and hope for the best.

Let professionals take care of the hardest part

And you probably figured it out by now, you won’t be able to carry everything yourself. You will need professional help to help you with the hard labor. So, let your movers Parker CO handle this part. If possible, do not participate in this part at all. Your movers have the knowledge, experience, and tools to handle this. Not to mention all the safety protocols involved. You can simply move around and supervise the whole process without interfering too much. Your movers know what they are doing. Moreover, if something goes wrong, it won’t be your responsibility at all. Your movers will have to reimburse for the damage. Skip this one and focus your expertise on other moving processes.

Now you know how packing expensive antiques can be complicated, time-consuming, and delicate. But as long as you have the right moving company by your side, you won’t have to worry a second. Good luck.

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