Packing expensive artwork

You are thinking about moving and you start to realize that it is not an easy task. You are definitely right, but with the right plan, nothing is too hard to pull off. Another thing that worries you is that you have expensive artwork, some kind of collectibles or maybe an expensive and fragile piece of furniture as a piano or a pool table, for example. Packing expensive artwork and other belongings is not an easy task, so maybe you should think about hiring professional help, such as Movers Parker Co. Whether you are thinking about hiring a moving company for the whole process or thinking about doing a part of it yourself, here are some tips on packing expensive artwork and other prized belongings

Create a package

The first thing you need to do it to check and learn the dimensions of all your paintings and belongings. So, measure the length, width, and height of your artwork so you can choose the right size box or container.

Packing paintings
Make sure to know the dimensions before packing expensive art

If you are contracting a moving company such as Denver area movers, make sure you know the dimensions of your packages as the price may vary depending on the size of the artwork in question.


There is a lot of supplies needed to protect the artwork or a painting so it will not break in transport. Regarding paintings, you will need glassine and safety film to protect your paintings and to prevent the glass from breaking. Another good advice is to cushion your artwork to protect it and also to assure that it will stay still during the transport. You also need to get corner guards to protect the corners and to make sure that they do not stick out and risk breaking.

You should also get some foam boards that you can put on both sides of your artwork and create some kind of a sandwich. Just make sure that the foam boards are thick enough and then tape them together with packing tape.

Sculpture and a flower
Make sure to wrap your artwork in bubble wrap to make sure it remains safe during transport

Another great material for protecting your artwork is bubble wrap. It is flexible enough so you can wrap it around more abstract shapes and it will not tear or break, unlike some sorts of wrapping paper. For maximum safety, all of the surfaces of the artwork should be covered by a 2-inch-thick wrap of bubble wrap, and make sure that the bubbles are facing from the artwork.

Note that this preparation requires a large amount of time. Packing expensive artwork is no joke as you may lose a large sum of money if something breaks in transit. For this reason, you can always rely on professional help and hire packing services Denver, at the end of the day, it is their job and they do this on a daily basis. Another great thing is that, by hiring movers, there is accountability.

Make sure to label things

This should be a given, but labeling is of crucial essence when it comes to packing artwork. You need to point out that there is something valuable underneath all of the packing supplies.

So, if you decide to pack your artwork by yourself and then hire moving services Denver, make sure to point out that the artworks are fragile and valuable. Another thing is to have the label with the information on the outside and on the inside of the package.

Packing expensive artwork tape
Label and pack your expensive artwork with the right kind of tape

Fill the voids in your container

If you have any empty space inside your container, you should resolve that problem. The most problematic areas are the top and the bottom of the container. You do not want that the movement during the transport gets the better of you. Fill the empty space and voids with additional bubble wrap to make sure everything is padded.

Packing tape is really important

Do not skimp on the packing tape, as it holds everything within the box or container together. When packing artwork, regular duct tape or any other household tape just won’t cut it. Instead, you should pack your artwork with strong, pressure-sensitive poly tape, and you need to make sure that it is also wide enough. If you have a large amount of artwork, think about buying a tape gun so it cuts down on the packing time.

Get yourself a pair of gloves

Nothing is more unprofessional than leaving fingerprints on artwork. Do not handle your artwork without any gloves as it may leave fingerprints and even cause blemishes if your artwork is not framed. The best gloves for handling fragile artwork are dustless nitrile or cotton art handling gloves.

What not to use

Steer clear from Styrofoam peanuts as they are a mess to clean up. Another thing you should not use when packing artwork is string and brown, recycled paper as the string may stretch and the paper might tear. These materials will not last long and are not sustainable.

Packing expensive artwork is a process

As you may have gathered from the article, packing up expensive artwork can prove to be quite a hassle without a well-thought-out plan. So, the best advice is not to go on this task unprepared. You will need a lot of supplies if you decide to pack the artwork on your own. So, maybe have a second thought about contracting a moving company to make sure that the packing and transport go smoothly.

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