Packing fine art for relocation

Moving your artwork is a process that will take some time, patience, and sometimes money. But, that is a small price to pay if you want to move your artwork safely. Transporting expensive items can be really hard, so you would want to know how to do it properly. With the help of our guide, you will make packing fine art for transport easier. And then with the help of moving companies in Denver, you will move them without any issues. Continue reading to find out more.

Packing fine art is easier with a good plan

What you need to do before you move is to make a good plan. You do not move fine art every day, so you will have to make sure certain steps are done properly. These tasks will only ensure that you move your artwork without damaging them or having any other issues whatsoever. So, in short, this is what you should do first:

  • Go through all the artwork you have before you move it out. That will give you enough knowledge about them. Therefore, you will know just what kind of packing supplies to get before you move out. This is especially important to remember if you plan your relocation with your movers Highlands Ranch CO.
  • Start gathering all the packing supplies you will need
  • Pack your belongings for the move.
a person writing a plan for packing fine art
Packing fine art begins with a plan

These are the most important steps you will have to take before you move your fine art to your new home. Make sure to follow them through if you wish to have a safe and secure relocation. Also, further in this article, you will find out how to properly pack them.

Gathering packing supplies for your fine art

Packing your fine art for the move is hard if you do not have proper packing materials. But, sometimes, there are some “universal” packing supplies you can use when moving. They won’t damage your art pieces, and will only provide them with the best possible protection during transportation. Now, let us begin with the most common and simple packing supplies you will use. For starters, use old soft fabrics such as towels, t-shirts, or blankets. Use them as wrapping materialsThey will gently wrap around your fine art, providing it with the best possible protection during the move. And if you are not sure about your skills, then you can always look for a good and professional packing services CO. The best way to transport something safely is to ask professionals to help you with your move.

As for other packing supplies you can use, think about getting packing hay, packing peanuts, and air-filled wraps. They will always provide your items with good protection, as well as cushion them in the boxes you will use for transport. Trust us, this is something you need to have in mind when moving your belongings.

air filled wraps
Use air-filled wraps when packing art

What kind of boxes to use

When it comes to moving fine art, you will always have to have in mind the safety of your belongings. That is why you can’t consider using cardboard boxes in this case. Always either opt for wooden crates or plastic bins. They are sturdy, and will always protect your fine art to the fullest. Cardboard boxes can easily break, and that can lead to other issues and problems as well. That is something you need to avoid when moving your art. Remember those packing peanuts and packing hay we mentioned before? Well, they are perfect supplies you can use when packing your artwork. They will fill all the oddly shaped space in the boxes, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Don’t put too much fine art in one box. This can lead to a lot of damages or scratches.

Ask your local galleries for tips and tricks

Did you know that you can go to your local galleries and ask them about some moving tips you can use regarding the transportation of fine art? They are more than experienced in this, so they will surely help you with your move. Gallery workers have moved their artwork many times, and they can surely tell you, or rent their packing supplies for that matter, how you can relocate your art safely and without any issues. This is something you will find really useful, so make sure to ask them about it.

Take care of your artwork

Packing and moving your art is just one way to make sure everything will go smoothly. The thing is, if you wish to move everything properly, then you will need to know how to maintain the quality of your art. That means that you should think about the cleaning process, polishing, or refurbishing if needed. It is a step everyone needs to take if they wish to keep the quality of their art pieces intact. And if you plan on selling some of your art later in the future, then this will surely be of great help. Make sure to take some extra steps when doing this, if you wish to do it properly.

a microfiber cloth
You can clean some fine art with soft cloths

As you can see by now, packing fine art for relocation is not something you can do with ease. It takes a lot of time and effort to do something like this properly. That is why our goal with this article was to help you with your upcoming moving preparation. Also, we want to invite you to visit our website and read our blog. We wrote many interesting articles you can follow for many more moving tips and tricks. And, if you have anything to ask us about your move, feel free to contact us, and we will get right back to you. We are here to help you move with ease!

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