Packing guide for seniors

Have you worked hard your whole life to sustain your family and now finally have some time for yourself? To celebrate your inclination to, at last, travel the world despite the years, we have compiled a packing guide for seniors that will come in handy for your upcoming adventures. Whether you have decided to get away from everything and move your whole life to a different state or you’ll be coming back home eventually, keep this guide on hand. It will set you off ideally packed and ready to enjoy the captivating beauty of this world that will keep you away from the daily boredom.

An older couple smiling
This packing guide for seniors will help you prepare.

Let’s start with the basics

There is no doubt that getting to see and experience something new is the best thing to do when you want to relax and enjoy. After a lifetime of working a 9-5 job and the same old daily routine, it is no wonder why you want to relish every moment left. However, if you want to move somewhere for a longer period of time, contact our reliable senior moving services Denver that will move and take good care of all of those things you gathered over the years. Before we start, we suggest that you print out this packing guide for seniors or write down everything you would otherwise forget. Now, we shall start with the basics. These are some of the most obvious things that even much younger folks tend to forget all the time. So, make sure you don’t.

The necessities

For the day of your department, we suggest that you choose a comfortable set of clothes and one backup outfit. Instead of carrying a bag or a huge backpack, opt for a suitcase with wheels. We don’t want you hurting your back. When packing your clothes, instead of folding like you are used to, choose to roll them. You will have a lot more space that way and they won’t be as wrinkly when you unpack them. Even so, don’t bring a whole bunch of stuff with you. Remember to pack lightly. If you are traveling as a couple, divide your clothes and money evenly between your suitcases. So that if one of them gets lost or delayed, you will still have something to wear and money to spend. To avoid losing your luggage, make sure to label it. And for your carry-on, here is what you must have:

  • Passports
  • ID cards, Medical Records & Important Documents
  • Cash & Credit Cards
  • Driver’s Licence & Insurance
  • Map
  • Phone
  • Phone Charger
  • Toothbrush
  • Medication
  • Spare pair of prescription glasses
  • Notebook
  • Pen & Pencil
An open suitcase waiting to be packed
Pack the necessities first.

Roaming around

Before you leave, don’t forget to call your mobile phone company and turn off global roaming and data. Overseas roaming charges are extremely expensive. Pick up a local SIM card at your destination to make cheap local calls and lower-cost international calls. If you know that you can’t be without data during your relocation or you want to inform your friends that you have arrived safely right away, feel free to look up international roaming services. They can ensure that you can use your mobile device freely even out of the USA.

Watch your health

It is necessary to visit your doctor and dentist for a general check-up before you leave. While you are there ask about any vaccinations relevant to your destination. Ensure your regular vaccinations such as the flu shot and tetanus shot are up to date. Get your doctor to print a list of all your current medications, their generic names, dosages, and frequency taken. Print a spare copy and keep it in your carry. Do not drink local tap water anywhere you go. It could make you sick. Always have bottled water on hand.

On that note, avoid eating food from street vendors as they often don’t have adequate food storage, refrigeration, or hygiene. Invest in a good pair of comfortable shoes for walking. Wear them for several weeks before you depart to break them in. If you don’t have several weeks to get your shoes or even prepare and pack, for that matter, check out our time-saving packing hacks and don’t worry about a thing.

Get ready to fly

We are almost at the end of our packing guide for seniors. And we have mostly covered the packing part, but if you have any more doubts about packing or you don’t want to even have to worry about packing, go to packing services Denver where you can hire professionals to do it for you. Now, let’s move on to the more exciting part, or, for some of you may be even terrifying. Flying!

Even if you are a little bit afraid, flying really is the best option for the elderly. It is the safest form of transport. And the fastest. We don’t want to be cramped in some car or bus seat for hours on end. However, if you have any mobility issues be sure to contact your airline well before your departure time to find out what and try asking for an aisle seat as it will make it easier for you to move around the aircraft.

An elderly couple walking up the stairs
Don’t be afraid of flying, it is safe.

Safety & Money tips

Always make sure to carry your wallet, passport, and money in a travel belt around your waist or a pouch around your neck. Ensure it is under your clothes and can’t be seen. When you go out don’t wear expensive jewelry as it can make you a target for pickpocketers. Before you leave, find out the emergency services contact numbers for the regions you will be in. Make a photocopy of your passport and all other important documentation. If you can, avoid exchanging money at the airport as the rates are much higher. Instead, look for the nearest local bank. One more thing you need to do if you are going overseas is disclosing it to your credit card company. That way you will avoid getting your card frozen and be careful not to get maxed out.

Now that you have read our packing guide for seniors, you are ready to finally breathe easily again and go on to your new stage in life without any obligations. It’s really like you are a kid again. If you need any further advice on how to spend your days or what to bring hop on to our website Homegrown Moving and Storage Company for ideas. We wish you a very happy new chapter in life.

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