Packing silk sheets; how to protect them?

Moving is stressful and costly. No one can deny that the whole process can get the best of us. And yet again, you must organize, pack, and find movers Aurora CO to help you reach the other side safely. To be fair, some tasks are easier than others but even the easiest ones will ask for your patience and the right approach. So, today we will cover one of those tasks and ensure you do it right. Packing silk sheets is on the menu today. Let’s pack your bedding properly.

Packing silk sheets with the right packing supplies

It is all about the packing materials. If you obtain the right ones you can even have a fun time when packing silk sheets for the relocation. So, run to the nearest hardware store and obtain the following:

  • Carton boxes
  • Plastic bags
  • Packing paper
  • Labels
Two people packing silk sheets for moving
You should use higher-quality moving boxes for this situation.

Those are the basic ones you’ll need for most of your packing. Note that you can order everything online if you have no time to go to the store on foot. Also, you can utilize packing services from one of the full service moving companies Denver. Or you can simply purchase everything from the moving company, let them deliver materials, but pack yourself. Your choice entirely.

It looks easy but you must take a serious approach anyway

Yes, packing bedding, pillows, comforters, and other fluffy items is easy. You can bundle everything together in big cardboard moving boxes without thinking too much. Pillows in one box, sheets in another, and you are good to go. Although, if you are relocating expensive furniture with pillows and sheets included, you should take special care. Use a bit better packing materials and covers for this occasion. If you possess extremely valuable pieces, you should invest in those plastic carriers designed for expensive sheets, blankets, beddings, and covers.

How to keep your silk sheets safe?

Before you begin packing silk sheets we must get one idea out of your head. It doesn’t mean you will make this mistake but it can happen to anyone while packing in a hectic moving environment. And that is the moment where you decide on packing silk sheets together with your blankets, linen, pillows, and other clothing. Silk is fragile and it can easily get damaged. This means you must pack it separately in a box dedicated to this situation. Yes, it does seem easier to bundle everything together, but in this case, it can only make it worse. Remember this before you pack your silk sheets with other items.

Various materials stacked on each other
Stack your silk nicely but do not mix it with rough materials.

Packing silk sheets 101

Silk sheets are delicate which means they must be nicely stacked and packed separately. You can buy a few plastic bags for this task. And you should aim for those with a nice surface and round edges. Avoid tarps and harder materials that can tear and pull a thread out of your silken sheets. You can use garbage bags when moving and packing sheets as well. So, the process is simple. Fold your sheets, place them in a bag, close the bag with a zipper or tape, and place them inside a box. Before you do this, place a few towels or something similar at the bottom of each box to make a nice cushion. Once your precious sheets are nicely tucked in, close the box and label it with the content inside. Repeat this process for each box and you’ll be done within minutes.

Now you are ready for packing silk sheets and other delicate materials. It is a simple process but it requires a delicate touch. Stay focused while doing this and it won’t take too much of your precious time or hire reliable residential movers Denver and let them deal with it. Good luck and have a safe one.

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