Preparing your antique furniture for a long-distance move to Conifer

Look at an antique and imagine all of the significant moments in time and intense feelings that it has witnessed throughout its long life. What kinds of people have used it, and what secrets does it hold? If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that’s both gorgeous and priceless, you’re going to want to look for antiques. A piece of antique furniture can serve as a cherished family heirloom, a reminder of both happy and sad events in one’s life. It has withstood the test of time, withstanding changing fads, social norms, and personal tastes. So make sure to be careful with that long-distance move to Conifer, while moving furniture. Hiring good Denver Movers is probably the best way to preserve your furniture.

Don’t try to make it out cheap

The next major life change is likely to be a long-distance move to Conifer. If this is the case, you’ll likely want to ensure the safety of your prized antique furniture and have it moved to your new home without a scratch. However, how can you move an antique in a secure and efficient manner? How can you protect it in the midst of the turbulence of migration? It’s not easy to transport antiquities across the country. You’ll need the help of an expert to deal with it successfully. If you want a clearer understanding of the challenges you face when moving antique furniture, take a look at the tips provided below.

you will be well prepared for your long-distance move to Conifer
Make sure to pack well so nothing breaks in your long-distance move to Conifer

Padding and packing

Antique furniture is known to be fragile. And certain pieces are particularly delicate. In order to avoid damage in transit, they must be adequately packed and wrapped. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, depending on the furnishings. In the case of fabric-coated antiques, acid-free plastic must be used first. The plastic will be impervious to liquids, dirt, debris, and the like if it is constructed in this manner. Plastic is also non-toxic, so it won’t harm the fabric in any way. A large piece of antique wooden furniture necessitates the use of moving pads. Long distance movers Colorado rely on these extra-large, extra-thick pads on a regular basis. When it comes to bedding, they look like heavy-duty blankets. Packing tape and cushioning should be used to secure all of your antiques. (After then, it begins to decline significantly.)

Get an inventory

You should make an inventory of all your antique furniture pieces so you can see the big picture and keep track of your valuable assets. Check your whole house for antiques and write down their names, where they are, and any other important information. Include a detailed description of the antique’s current condition, including any damage, and several high-resolution pictures of the piece (photograph it from all sides and angles, so that you have solid evidence of its actual condition). This will be very helpful if you need to file a claim against the moving company after the long-distance move to Conifer. To prevent that be sure to check on the moving company on the Better Business Bureau website.

antique couch
You want to take care of your precious antiques

You can always use a storage unit

  • The attic, cellar, garage, and so on are all good places to store antiques. What’s more, they’ll do nothing to protect your artifacts. Antiques can be damaged by a variety of circumstances, including heat and cold, dust, filth, vermin, and more. Do you know what’s up there? The heat in the summers can be oppressive. Is it in the basement? It’s far too rainy. There’s also the garage. Accidents and children put us at risk. A climate-controlled or temperature-controlled storage container is the best solution, but not the only one.
  • Your antiques will be safe from humidity damage. While they will also be protected from extreme temperature fluctuations by the second. Some moving services Denver CO also provide storage units for use. Compared to a normal storage container, both are far more secure (although, for some, they might work also). The choice is yours to make, of course. Clean, safe, and secure climate-controlled, temperature-controlled, and regular storage spaces are available at Storage Solutions. You can reach a friendly manager online if you have any questions or need assistance. The best option is to meet with a manager in person at the store location. It is a pleasure to work with these people.

How do you move antique furniture without damaging it?

  • These products should be carried or rolled on a dolly upside down to avoid harming the casters or claw feet. Because antique furniture decays with time, it is best to avoid dragging or pushing an antique on its pads. Your antiques should be transported with care. Movers like movers Conifer have a lot of experience in these fields.
  • Glass can be found in the doors of some antiques, as well as in the ornamentation. After cushioning the item, adhere a piece of cardboard to the pads directly beneath the glass.
  • To transport an antique piece of furniture, its legs may not be strong enough, to protect it, carry it on top of the rest of the burden upside down. To avoid the crown breaking on another piece when the padding compresses, it is necessary to place double padding in the crown at a height well above the crown.
A white room full of antiques
Your house will look amazing after the move

Get your furniture ready for the move

Before moving, empty and thoroughly clean your furniture items to make them lighter and easier to move (and hence less susceptible to breaking). It’s important to inspect each piece of furniture thoroughly to identify any potential issues (e.g., weak or non-sealed portions) and any specific handling or transportation requirements. Make sure your movers have all the information they need ahead of time for your long-distance move to Conifer.

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