Pros and cons of living in Thornton with a family

If you are planning on moving somewhere peaceful and quiet where raising your kids is a good idea, you surely have to consider moving to Thornton. Living here has plenty of pros but some cons as well. And we are here to tell you about both the pros and cons of living in Thornton with a family. It is certain that you will love this place but we want to give you a full insight into what it is like to live there before you actually move.


As there aren’t many cons to living with your family, we will list those first.

Altitude sickness

If you haven’t lived in mountain areas, chances are you will experience altitude sickness. A lot of people who move here do as Thornton is located at a, well, higher altitude. But this is nothing that should worry you. This is a normal occurrence and it cannot harm your health. Your body will just need some time to adapt. Especially if you change altitudes often. But after a while, this will not be a worry for you anymore.

Colorado mountains
If you are not used to higher altitudes, you might experience altitude sickness

Not so many good schools around

Another con of living in Thornton with a family is that if you have small children, you will most likely enroll them in a school outside of Thronton. This is because schools in this area are not the best. There is no particular reason why this is so.

Your kids can go to these schools but will you be satisfied? Most likely not. This is why so many children from Thornton go to schools outside of Thornton. If you end up wanting to move away because of this, Thornton CO movers can help make relocation easier.

Thornton is not the safest area to live in

The third and last con about living in Thornton with a family is that it is not the safest area to live in. Unfortunately, the crime rate in Thornton is higher. Not as much as in New York, for example, but still a much higher crime rate than the rest of the state of Colorado.

But this is not the entirety of Thornton. This implies just some parts of it. There are plenty of safe neighborhoods here to move to with your family. But, if you ever decide to move because of this, there are plenty of moving companies Denver CO that can help you with the relocation.

Pros of living in Thornton with a family

Now that you know about some of the cons of living in Thornton, you are probably interested in just how could pros outweigh these cons and make you want to move here. This is a very beautiful part of Colorado to live in and after moving there we believe you will be able to get over the small cons.

Car parked in front of a home
There are plenty of pros to living in Thornton

It is a very affordable area

The first thing you must know is that this area is very affordable. This can be connected to the high crime rates as a lot of people move here because of how affordable it is. But if you move to one of the more safe neighborhoods that we have mentioned earlier, you will love it here!

Buying a house in Thornton is not only a good idea because they are affordable but also because it is a very good investment to make. This area is just evolving and in the future, housing prices will be higher than they are now. This means that if you ever decide to move away and sell the home in Thornton, you will earn more than you have spent most likely. If moving long distances is what you plan on doing at some moment, long distance moving companies Denver can move you wherever you want.

There are lots of beautiful homes

Not only are the homes affordable but they are very beautiful as well. Thornton has lots of big, amazing houses with beautiful yards. Those are on the more expensive side but they still don’t cost as much as you would think. The average home price in Thornton is around $500,000. The average home price in Denver is almost $700,000. So, it is a more affordable area to live in. And as it is located very close to Denver, it is like you live in Denver.

A house in the woods
There are plenty of amazing houses in Thornton and they don’t cost as much as you think

You are surrounded by nature

Another reason why we believe living here with a family is a good idea is the fact that you are surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature. As mentioned, this is a mountain area. There are plenty of trees, parks, hiking, and biking trails. Lots of animals live here as well which is always interesting to children.

By living in such an area, you will have no choice but to be active and go hiking. This area is so beautiful that it would be a shame not to explore it if already living there. Your children will love it! But the emergency moving company in Denver can always help you relocate if you decide to do so. You can relocate anywhere in the area within a couple of days.

You will live close to Denver

If you want to have a well-paying job and live in a beautiful area outside of the city center, you can do so by living in Thornton. Even though there are some cons to living here, we believe that the pros outweigh them. You can easily find a safe neighborhood and you will certainly manage to drive your children to school if you decide to find a job in downtown Denver. Living in Thornton with a family is a good idea for sure!

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