Pros and cons of moving to a Denver apartment

Have you ever considered moving to a Denver apartment? This is an overview of the pros and cons of making that decision. The Mile High City is in the top 15 most attractive cities to live in, in the entire country. Denver residents who are proud of their heritage today enjoy art, sports, nature, restaurants, and all outdoor activities. If our opinion helps you decide to move, Denver movers will help you make it happen.

Here are the pros of moving to a Denver apartment as early as tomorrow

1. Average costs of living

One of the main advantages of living in Denver is the high quality of living. For many, this fact is an aspiration for resettlement. Since the last census in 2020, when there were 715,552 inhabitants, in 2022, that number has increased by 3.17%. The cost of living in Denver is average compared to other cities. Also, the fact that the average income in Denver is higher by as much as $10,000 compared to the average national income, is already encouraging. For a family with two children, the real needs are around $90,000 per month, which indicates a comfortable life if both are employed and with an average salary.

Average cost of life in Denver, Moving to a Denver apartment
High quality of living in Denver

Most of the population prefers owning a car, but if you want to save money, you can use public transportation or car-sharing as a good way of saving. Car prices are average compared to other big cities.

2. Variety of outdoor activities

Denver has the largest system of city parks. There are as many as 205 parks in the city and more than 20,000 hectares of parkland in the nearby mountains. This can give you a great sense of freedom and allows you to do whatever you like.  Whether you decide to spend time at Castlewood Canyon State Park, Castle rock with Challenge Hill, Roxborough State Park, with breathtaking rock formations and preserved forest, or Chatfield State Park, for swimming, fishing, or boat sailing, all will make you call even long distance movers Colorado to relocate you to this paradise.

Kids playing in a fountain
Denver resident satisfaction is one of the pros of moving to a Denver apartment

3. Nightlife, restaurants, and shopping

With a large number of pubs, restaurants, bars, and cafes, Denver is a very interesting point to relocate to. If you are a lover of nightlife, good food, and a glass of beer after a hard day, Denver will surely meet your expectations. Easy access to fantastic food is a sure thing that affects the pros and cons of moving to an apartment in Denver. The city is known primarily for Mexican dishes, but also for traditional food such as Rocky Mountain Oysters. For shopping funs you won’t miss 16th Mall Street, Denver Pavilions, or Cherry Creek Shopping Center. With a large number of places to shop, as well as dining places, here you can take a break from everyday working activities.

Night photo of the Bluebird theatre in Denver Colorado
Variety of nightlife in Denver

4. Housing market in Denver

An increasing number of populations means a greater need for housing. This has driven up housing prices over the years, some even doubling. However, 2020 saw a sharp drop in prices in the real estate market, and predictions are that prices will continue to fall. Most prices are still attractive and affordable for many young people moving here. The ratio of the population that owns and rents apartments is almost 50 to 50 percent. There are luxury neighborhoods that are out of reach for everyone, especially after COVID, as it has put many out of work.

5. Climate in Denver

Denver is a four-season city with 300 days of sunshine. Although winters can be cold and with a lot of snow, you will have many days to enjoy the sun. The coldest month is December and the snowiest is March. You should keep that in mind when you decide to move. The hottest month is July, also the most beautiful month for all outdoor activities and festivals. Spring and autumn are changeable and often rainy.

Union station Denver, pros and cons of moving to a Denver apartment
Autumn in Denver

6. Great opportunities for affordable moving to a Denver apartment

The fact that this city attracts more and more young people speaks of the quality of life. Moving to Colorado may be cheaper by taking services from Colorado movers. Therefore, you can talk to the Denver small movers about what is the best choice for moving before you decide to do it. Average moving prices in Denver range from $390 for a studio to $1,600 for a 4-bedroom apartment.

If you have to store some furniture, count on an additional $50 to 450% for storage service per month, depending on the size of the storage unit. You can discuss the costs of moving services with professional furniture movers Denver CO.


7. Schooling at a good level as well as health care

Denver has the average quality of school education with a high percentage of graduates in high schools, but less in colleges. It has 157 public primaries, secondary and higher schools, and 9 faculties. With 88 schools in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best High Schools rankings, Denver is among the cities with good high education. Denver schools’ average cost per student is higher than the national average. There are 19 students per teacher.

According to all indicators, health care and protection are at a high or very high level, observed throughout the entire state. Whether it’s the skill and competence of medical staff or equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment, Denver has an amazingly comprehensive and integrated system of care. With a few of the most recognized companies in the field of health care, Denver Helth, Rose Medical Centre, BioScrip, and DaVita, the protection and care of patients are brought to the maximum quality.

Cons of moving to a Denver apartment

1. Traffic and pollution

As the population grows, traffic jams on Colorado roads increase, and Denver, as the largest city, has frequent traffic jams. According to the residents’ roads and bridges that were built in the 70s and 80s cannot withstand the great pressure of such traffic.

Traffic jam
Traffic jams and pollution as a problem

The last statistical research put Denver in 21st place among the observed 240 cities in terms of the amount of time spent in traffic jams. Although it doesn’t sound encouraging, you have to know that according to the same research, Denver was in 15th place in 2009. It points to improvements and government influence to remedy these problems.

Pollution in the cities is increasing and residents believe that it will be even greater soon. Denver’s older population attests to cleaner air in the later years of the 20th century. Today, nature is fighting with all the machinery that man has created. Many believe that the mountains will also be destroyed because of the rich who are obsessed with ski resorts.

2. Increasing crime rates

Unfortunately, the crime rate in Denver is on the rise and exceeds the national level. Statistical research shows that the crime rate of 44 per thousand inhabitants is one of the highest in the USA. According to the website Spotcrime, there is a place you must avoid if you decide to move to Denver. The crime rate in Five Points is 173% higher than the average crime rate in the rest of Denver.

3. Dry air

The month with the least humidity is December. However, due to a large number of days with dry air, Denver also faces fire hazards in other months. When low humidity is combined with strong winds, it creates a critical fire hazard. The dryness of the air also affects the human body leading to dry skin, as well as a feeling of dryness in the nose and eyes.

4. Lack of large water areas

Denver is one of the cities that is not settled on any body of water, but on a place where some gold was found in the past. To get to the ocean, you have to head to California. This also means a lack of water sports, except for creek boating

Conclusion about pros and cons of moving to a Denver apartment

All things considered, moving to a Denver apartment looks like a good idea. Some people would say that life in that city will bring you difficulties in traffic and transportation, traffic jams that will kill your free time, bigger pollution, and lack of time spent by the ocean. What is certain is that all this can be overcome with a high-quality social status and a good income that Denver allows you. Denver’s mountainous surroundings are sure to catch your eye even without the presence of the ocean. So, pack your things and look for the best moving services Denver CO to move you to your new home.

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