Quick and easy moving day meals

Moving can be quite complicated and stressful. In order to reach the other side safely, you must organize like a pro, pack accordingly, and find reliable movers Denver metro area. Also, you must think about your emotional state and health. And you must cover your entire family and be sure your movers are ok as well. So, to keep you fresh and ready for your moving day we assembled a small guide on quick and easy moving day meals you can have on your moving day. Let’s take a look.

Assemble a moving checklist and add a meal plan to it

Before you can contact your Fort Collins movers you must obtain the necessary info first. Your movers must know how many boxes and pieces of furniture you’ll move. Hence, start inspecting your home and note everything down. Check all the belongings, furniture, the environment, and prepare your budget.

Once you have this information listed on your moving checklist, you can call your moving professionals and let them use it to finalize your moving logistics. With this information, they will make your relocation easier, cheaper, and safer. And once you have your plan set in motion and your moving date scheduled, start working on your meal plan. Let’s create one quickly and add it to your checklist so you can use it when the time is right.

Omelet is one of the quick and easy moving day meals
A freshly prepared omelet or a frittata is the way to go.

Focus on your breakfast

Relocation is usually conducted in the early hours. Which means you will be skipping lunch and, in some cases, dinner as well. This means your breakfast should be strong and light at the same time. So, we will make a shortlist of quick and easy moving day meals you can prepare for breakfast. Consider the following:

  • Omelet
  • Cereals
  • Vegetable stew
  • A salad

One-pot stew might be the answer here. It won’t take too many dishes to prepare and you can set it up the night before and keep it in the fridge for the next morning. And stay away from pork and beef because they are harder to digest. If you want to use meat at all, chicken breast is the solution.

A nice homemade sandwich is surely among the quick and easy moving day meals

This one is pretty obvious and the easiest solution out there. You can make sandwiches as soon as you get up and wrap them up in paper or a stretching foil. And you can make as many as you like to cover your entire family and all the helpers involved. Stick to the ham sandwich or peanut butter jelly combo. Toss a few pieces of green salad inside and you are all set. And remember, your movers providing moving services CO deserved to be rewarded as well. Therefore, offer a few sandwiches and be a great host. They will appreciate the gesture.

A fruit salad might be the answer

Whether you choose fruits or vegetables, the result is the same. You will have a rich and easily prepared meal for the whole family. What is amazing about this one is that you can prepare it the night before and keep it inside a safe Tupperware box for the morning after. Add a glass of milk or freshly squeezed juice and you are good to go.

Pieces of fruit in a bowl on the table
A few pieces of sliced fruit will sustain you until your move is over.

Snacks are also quick and easy moving day meals

Yes, all kinds of snacks fall into this category. You can stick to the granola power bar or have a handful of almonds along the way. But probably the best solution is to have a trail mix on the side that you can open and share with your family and movers. Although, movers usually eat early or do not eat at all because it will hinder their progress while doing the hard labor. And if you are packing a large household and you’ll be active for many hours, maybe you should do the same. Eat at least 2-3 hours before you start your move. Or if you have a quick move on your hands, eat a piece of fruit and have a proper meal once everything is done.

This was a list of a few quick and easy moving day meals. We are sure you’ll get a few ideas along the way and find the best solution for you. But whatever you choose, keep it light. Good luck.

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