Real estate market trends in Colorado

Before you buy a new home and hire Denver professional movers, you should know Colorado’s real estate market trends. Real estate market trends in Colorado can greatly affect your plans to move and start your life somewhere new. You want your new home to have everything you need, but you also want it to be within your budget. Or, if you can’t find a listing that’s just right, then you still don’t want to spend every single cent you have on a new house in Colorado. This is where Home Grown Moving comes to help. We will give you some general facts and an overall state of the real estate market in 2022 so you’ll know what to expect from it. It’s better to be informed when you’re buying a house in Colorado so you will know how to spot a good offer when you see one.

Real estate market trends in Colorado: then, in general, & now

The main question this year is whether Denver’s housing market will remain one of the most compelling in the nation or not.  In fact, interest rates were low in 2021, but buyer demand remained relatively high throughout the whole year. Over 63,000 homes were bought last year, according to DMAR, which is more than any other previous year. Although demand was high (at an all-time high, in fact), new listings on the market fell 5.26 percent during the year.

If you’re not sure where to look for credible info on the Colorado real estate market, don’t worry. We warmly suggest consulting the Colorado Association of Realtors for sources and up-to-date data. In fact, they have a website where you can check for stats by county! So, in case you’d rather do your research from the comfort of your home, you have an option.

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Home prices in Colorado have always been high.

At the moment, the housing market in Denver is up 19.88 percent year over year, according to Denver metro area realtors. Average sales prices went up 9.02 percent to $58,418 last month. The market is advancing rapidly as usual, though slower than in the recent months. This could be due to the recent increase in inventory. In the upcoming months, people will be able to notice this slower pace. This will most likely make it seem like the market conditions are balanced. Perhaps it’s a good time to look into buying a new home and looking for Denver residential movers to help you with the move. You better start looking and planning on time if you want to save up!

State of the Colorado real estate market in 2022

As of January 2022, the Denver Metro area had a humble number of 1,477 active properties on the market. This means there were 11,175 fewer active properties than normal. With a constant demand for housing and the lack of inventory, it is expected that the market will experience double-digit appreciation in 2022. If this seems promising to you and you want to move out from, for example, Highlands Ranch, maybe you’d want to look into a good moving company. There are many good movers Highlands Ranch CO can offer you. However, it is April now, and the situation has escalated.

  • The prices of most homes are rising. However, homeowners will see big-equity increases as well.
  • The lack of inventory which we’ve mentioned before is running up against interest rates.
  • According to the census figures, housing permits in the Denver metro grew 16% in 2021. An increase in housing permits means more supply to the market.


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Know the real estate market trends in Colorado before you buy a house.

March was an interesting month for the Colorado real estate market. For a single-family home, the median price in March was $660,000, which is 3.9% more than February’s median price. At the same time, this is a 17.65% increase from March of 2021. In 2021, Colorado home prices increased an average of 20% in 2021, and they exceeded the national rates. In 2022, the digits seem to keep rising. A high list-to-sell ratio means that the real estate market, in which buyers and sellers negotiate less over the sales price, is healthy. Let’s say you live in Summit County, and let’s say you’re looking for a new home. You should always inform yourself of the real estate market in your new home and then look for Summit County movers to help you. 

Overall tips and thoughts about buying a house in Colorado

Buying a new house for you and your family is a very big investment. It is important to know when is the right time to do so, just as it is crucial to know to spend your money wisely. Buying a house in Colorado is not like shopping for groceries or clothes, far from that. Buying a new home takes a lot of planning, thinking, and research. You need to think of how many rooms you want your house to have. Think of how far it is from your potential workplace, or how far away it is from the nearest school. If you have any pets, think of how pet-friendly the city is. There are just so many factors to think of.

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Before you buy a home, do your research!

If you are about to move from Boulder County, we cannot stress this enough: start researching and plan your move on time! Before you look for the best movers Boulder County has, make sure to choose the perfect home. The sooner you start looking, the better the chances you will find something that fits your budget and needs. There are so many websites and people who can help you, so don’t hesitate to start looking! Prices and the number of offers will fluctuate though, so if you are not in a hurry, you can take your time. It’s all up to you.

In general, stay up-to-date and you will be alright

The real estate market trends in Colorado will always change. Colorado is known as one of the most expensive places to live in, particularly in the Denver area. Despite this, however, people keep looking for homes here. Don’t just let your dreams be dreams: if you can, buy the perfect house for yourself in the state of Colorado, and hire Home Grown Moving to relocate you to your new home! 

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