Real estate trends in Parker CO

Parker is a growing city in Douglas County. It’s only 35 minutes away from Denver by car. It has a population of about 60.000 citizens and it’s known for good schools, decent quality of life, and a lot of recreational activities and it’s not a surprise that it became a popular place for those who want to settle down. So before you call some good long distance movers Colorado has to offer, here are the real estate trends in Parker CO if you’re considering buying or selling a home.

High demand for large homes

One of the most significant real estate trends in Parker CO is the high demand for larger homes. Lots of homebuyers want to buy big open floor plans that provide a lot of space for families to grow. Additionally, outdoor living spaces became a must-have thing when buying a home in Parker. The reason for this is that a lot of people still work from home post-COVID-19, which means that the demand for extra space became higher. If you’re looking to buy a large home in Parker, make sure to hire the best movers in Denver to move you in stress-free.

house with courtyard
A significant real estate trend in Parker is that there is a high demand for larger homes.

Home shortages are still here

The shortage of available homes is still a thing in 2023. Like lots of other areas in the country, Parker is still suffering from an inventory crunch, with fewer homes on the market than there are people who are looking to buy. And for this reason, there’s increased competition for homes. In some cases, bidding wars may increase property prices.

Focus on community

Another real estate trend in Parker is the focus on community. Neighborhoods that provide access to major roads and amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools, community centers, and walking trails became a huge selling point for a lot of buyers. Some of the best neighborhoods in Parker are Stonegate, Cottonwood, The Pinery, and Bradbury.

Real estate market in Parker CO

When it comes to home prices, Parker’s real estate market has seen an increase in the past couple of years. According to Zillow, the average Parker home value is about $686,500. Even though this might seem like too much, it’s important to know that Parker has a high quality of life, great schools, and lots of recreational activities that make it a worthy investment.

big house under blue sky
The home value keeps increasing in Parker.

The real estate market in Parker has been influenced by people who are moving from other states with the help of Denver residential movers. A strong economy and natural beauty have made it a good place for anyone who wants to start fresh.

Final words on real estate trends in Parker CO

The real estate trends in Parker CO show that this market is growing strong in recent years. With amazing schools, great natural beauty, and a strong sense of community, Parker is a great place to call home. So make sure to call some good movers Parker CO residents will recommend you and move to your dream home today.

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