Reasons why people are leaving Lakewood in 2023

Lakewood is one of the more beautiful places in Colorado. However, with the trend of people leaving Colorado, it’s also evident that people are leaving Lakewood too. But what are the reasons people are leaving Lakewood in 2023? We’ll talk more about the details. But if you too decide to go for that move, the movers Denver Metro area will be ready to assist you and make the transition easier overall. Let’s take a look at what makes people think about relocating from Lakewood.

Living in Lakewood is expensive, here’s why

It’s not easy to live in an area that requires you to spend a lot of money. When you compare it to the US average, the Lakewood cost of living is around 30% higher. And even when you compare it to the Colorado average, it’s around 10% more expensive. That’s why movers Lakewood CO are moving more people out than to the city. when you take a look at healthcare, groceries, and utilities you won’t see too big of a difference to the US average. However, expensive housing and other miscellaneous costs can bump up the overall cost of living by a lot. But the fact that Lakewood is as expensive is why in 2023 there are more and more people that are leaving it.

A pile of money on the ground
People are leaving Lakewood in 2023 because of finances

The housing market in Lakewood CO can come with its limitations

As we mentioned, housing can come with a very steep price in Lakewood. And to give some more precise information, the median price of a home in the area is around $395,000. On the other hand, the rent varies from $1,200 to $1,500 depending on several factors. That’s maybe not too high. However, the Denver small movers have been doing less and less work in Lakewood. That’s because these can be pretty high numbers when you take into account that the houses are very old. The median home age in Lakewood is around 43 years. That’s not too old, but not plenty of older homes had that necessary maintenance. For that reason, there are a lot of people moving out. Of course, with newer homes, that problem doesn’t exist, but they are not the majority.

Limited job opportunities in Lakewood

Be it that you talk about moving in or out of an area, job opportunities will be extremely important. For that reason, we can’t go without mentioning the jobs that are present or lacking in the Lakewood area. Colorado overall has a pretty strong economy. However, the long distance moving companies Denver are more and more moving people out than to Colorado even with the strong economy. In Lakewood the median income is around $34,000 while the unemployment rate is 7.2%. The feeling for many is that they can find better opportunities elsewhere. Or at least similar jobs that will pay better.

Lifestyle changes

One of the people who are leaving Lakewood in 2023 is also the lifestyle they are looking for. Are you a young person looking for education opportunities? Then Lakewood might not be the right place for you and you need to explore further. On the other hand, Lakewood might not be the perfect place if you want something special for retirement. Overall, there are plenty of cities in Colorado and the US that offer a variety of options. So it’s not a surprise that the overall lifestyle change can be a big reason for people leaving.

Two students walking on campus
There are different lifestyle changes that make people move

The weather is one of the reasons people are leaving Lakewood in 2023

When you look at Lakewood you can expect pretty mild temperatures when you compare it to the rest of the state. The annual amount of rain is around 18 inches, while for snow it’s 65 days. You can expect sunshine during 247 of the year. The temperatures can vary from 18 degrees to 88 degrees Fahrenheit during the year. While summers are very good as they are not too hot, the winters can get too snowy and cold. For that reason, many people choose to move out. Going to a warmer climate is something that has been hurting the Lakewood population this year and beforehand.

Traffic and congestion is one of the major reason people are leaving Lakewood CO

Getting around Lakewood itself is not going to be much of a problem. Especially as an average commute takes around 26 minutes which is almost the same as the US average commute time. However, with almost 80% of people driving to work alone, there can be too much congestion without any reason. Only about 8% of people that work in an office are carpooling. There are plenty of even bigger cities that are easier to navigate in without as much traffic. And that’s not a reason to just overlook when you look at why people are leaving Lakewood.

Is it the right decision for you?

When you look at Lakewood, it has its pros and cons. It’s not a surprise that a lot of people are leaving the area. However, if you’re making a personal decision, it’s necessary that you take your needs into account. Overall, you can enjoy the city of Lakewood in so many ways. It all depends on how the weather, job opportunities, and other details come into play. And if you decide to leave Lakewood, make sure that you know what you’re expecting from your new location.

A women looking into the distance
It’s important that you know why you’re leaving Lakewood or not

Consider all the factors before you decide to leave

Leaving a place will always be a difficult task. However, it’s always necessary to look at all the details and factors that come with relocating from a place you live in. With the reasons we mentioned about why people are leaving Lakewood in 2023, you can get a good idea of why it’s happening. But it’s always going to be a personal choice when you make the final decision. For more information about Lakewood, Colorado, and overall moving, check out the rest of our blog.


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