Reasons you shouldn’t skip a home inspection when moving to Denver

People often try to skip home inspections in order to save some cash and time on the move. However, that is not such a good idea. You may find the house of your dreams, with a good porch and the yard you always wanted. The thing is that not every house in Denver is a good house, despite the good looks. Some of the reasons you shouldn’t skip a home inspection when moving to Denver might make you change your mind on the topic. Once you make up your mind, hire some reputable Denver area movers to take care of your relocation and take you to your new home. Home Grown Moving will be happy to help you with the move. Before that, though, read the article!

The many reasons why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection when moving to Denver

Whether you are a first-time buyer or not, or if you’re on the way to Denver or somewhere else, don’t skip a home inspection. A home inspection can save you lots of trouble, stress, and money. Here are some reasons why you should do one ASAP:

  • Do a home inspection to see the bigger picture. Before buying a new home and relocating to Denver, an inspection can help you see things that can’t be seen on pictures or videos. We will tell you what are some signs to look out for during a home inspection later on in the article. Overall, it will help keep an eye out for things that might turn out to be problematic later on.
  • Sellers are much more open to negotiation after a home inspection. After the inspection is over, you have a few options. You can ask the seller to fix the problems that have been found. If that doesn’t work, ask them to reduce the purchase price so you can fix the problems yourself. It’s because of this that a home inspection can pay for itself and help you spend less.
  • A home inspection can save you from signing a contract you might not want to. If the house purchase contract has an inspection contingency, you can choose to give up on the listing. If you’re going to lose more than you’ll buy, then there’s no reason to stick to it.
  • Being aware of the state of the new home keeps you at peace. If you do end up having to buy the house and have to hire furniture movers Denver has to offer, you will know which issues to take care of first.
a clean home doormat as one of the reasons why you shouldn't skip a home inspection when moving to Denver
If you want a house you’ll call home, you shouldn’t skip a home inspection when moving to Denver!

What will a home inspection show to the buyer?

You may ask why is a home inspection so crucial and what it can show you. In other words, you want to know what are signs to look out for during a home inspection. For better accuracy and details, we warmly suggest that you hire an ASHI certified home inspector, as they are experienced and certified. In general, a home inspector will inspect the exterior and interior of the house. They will not look into things such as termite damage, mold, site contamination, and other specific issues. The exterior things an inspector will check are the following:

  • Walls on the outside,
  • the house foundation, if possible,
  • grading,
  • the garage, if available,
  • the roof of the house.

However, the inside of your future Denver house is just as important as the outside. When it comes to the interior, there are a lot more things to keep an eye on. Some of these things are:

  • Faucets and showers, or in other words, plumbing,
  • outlets and wiring,
  • a HVAC system (air conditioners and furnaces, if any),
  • the water heater,
  • bathrooms and laundry rooms,
  • fire safety,
  • kitchen appliances, if any are included with the house.

Because of this large amount of details and info, an average home inspection will last anywhere between two to three hours. It is strongly advised that you are present during the whole process. You will see things better with your very own eyes than in a photo.

woman thinking why she shouldn't skip a home inspection when moving to Denver
Put aside a couple of hours from your day to be there for the home inspection.

A few more notes about home inspections

A home inspection can’t reveal all that may be bad about the property. It only checks for more obvious signs. For example, if the home’s doors won’t close or if the floors are slanted or tilted, it means the foundation might have a crack. The problem is that this “crack” can’t be seen. That is unless you pull up all the flooring in the house. Jokes aside, a home inspector can’t tell you for sure if there’s a problem. A house and moving to Denver can cost a fortune. It’s only natural for people to look for ways to save money. These ways often mean skipping the home inspection or moving without reputable movers. When you make the biggest purchases and decisions of your life, make sure everything goes well. Don’t hesitate to hire the best local movers Denver has ever seen.

shouldn't skip a home inspection when moving to Denver handshake
Make sure to spend your money well.

Now you learned why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection when moving to Denver

As we have shown you already, there are many reasons you shouldn’t skip a home inspection when moving to Denver, or anywhere else. To sum up, you should get an inspection before hiring Denver movers to relocate you to your new home. If you skip a home inspection, you are taking a big risk. You might end up running into some problems later on. You might end up regretting the purchase. Even worse, you might end up losing a lot more money on repairs and such. Home Grown Moving wants your relocation to be as easy as possible. We will try to help you as much as possible. We will keep making informative articles like this one to keep people informed. However, maybe there is an even better way for us to help you. Hire our trained and experienced movers to move you! 

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