Relocating to Arvada – a simple guide

With a rich history that includes the first discovery of the precious metal that started the gold rush in the West, Arvada is one of the most desirable places to live in Colorado. Located between Denver and Boulder, today it is an urban, family-friendly city with a beautiful natural environment. These interesting facts make you think about relocating to Arvada. With this simple guide from one of the best moving companies Denver has to offer, learn more about this middle size town where historical roots are mixed with cultural, artistic, and the scientific present.

What are the positive aspects of relocating to Arvada?

Although Arvada is considered one of the best places to live in Colorado, like all cities it has its advantages and disadvantages. By comparing them and looking at the life quality in this Jefferson County city, we’ll conclude whether it’s worth moving to.

Cycling in the base of the Rocky Mountains is advantage of relocating to Arvada
The attraction of Avada is cycling at the base of the great Rocky Mountains

This city is home to a population of 127,996 as of the 2020 census and is growing at a rate of 1.42% per year. This made it 7th most populous in Colorado. Of the total population, 89.09% are white, with an average age of 40.2 years.

Arvada is a nice and peaceful place to live, and according to residents, a good place to grow up. This is a suburb of Denver, with a cute downtown that is the heart of the city. Planty restaurants, bars, breweries, and wineries, always have good vibes. For nature lovers, there are various outdoor activities and events. Considering the proximity of the mountain, it is a paradise for day trips, hiking and biking trails.

Commitment to community and education

Arvada is very family oriented. The mostly conservative population is friendly towards its neighbors.  There is a sense of closeness, considering that most of them have their own homes and have lived there for years. Many are happy to have grown up there and to have the opportunity to raise their children in the same place. If you have children and want them to grow up in a pleasant community, Arvada movers will be available for all relocation services. As a diverse and vibrant community, the city is filled with a family atmosphere and offers a variety of events and festivals to support this.

With highly rated public schools that are the foundation of the population’s future, Arvada promises an excellent education. With 74 public and 4 private schools, Arvada graduates 94.3% of college students, which is 3% higher than the Colorado state average.

Affordable living as a motivation for relocation to Arvada

With a median household income of $92,699, a family can afford to live in the city. The average unemployment rate is 4.6%, but it is decreasing every month. Most employees are in Health care (12%), Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services, and Retail Trade. The average cost of living is $1951. This puts Arvada in 10th place in the country in terms of cost of living. Also, the median salary is $3757. That is enough to cover living expenses for 1.9 months. The median property value is 424,100 dollars, enabling even 75.9% of the population to own their apartment.

In our opinion, this is sufficient motivation for relocation. So, make arrangements with your long distance movers Colorado to prepare for the move as soon as possible.

a person skiing
When relocating to Arvada, countless outdoor activities will be at your fingertips

Great outdoor activities

Talking about all the benefits of moving to Arvada, we must not forget its environment. Incredible scenery and outdoor activities will be just a minute far from you. With Majestic View Park, ponds surrounded by picturesque forests, and several parks, it offers the opportunity to enjoy a healthy environment.
Only 35-50 minutes from Arvada there are locations for ski enthusiasts. Residents enjoy a full day of skiing or snowboarding across the stunning mountains. If you are among the fans of winter sports, hiking, and walking, Arvada will be an ideal place to live.

Contact a professional moving company before relocating to Arvada

Moving to a new city can be a wonderful experience if the city meets your expectations. As can be seen from all the above, if you decide to move to Arvada, rest assured that it will bring a better future for you and your family. Just find your new family nest and call the Denver residential movers.  They will arrange the best relocation to Arvada, a city that awaits you.

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