Relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment

It is time to put another relocation on your belt. If you have enough experience already, it will be a bit easier than the previous one. But in case it is the first one ever, you should buckle up. You should know that there are many tasks ahead and we will help you prepare for them. You must organize, pack, and seek out the best moving companies Denver. It won’t be easy relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment but we will guide you every step of the way. Let’s go!

Who will be relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment?

Obviously, you want to relocate all your items safely, but relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment can be quite a challenge. Especially if you have some antique pieces with you. Therefore, you should seek out a specialized moving team to handle this part. Find appropriate furniture movers Denver who has all the tools and equipment to undertake this journey with you. More importantly, they should have the knowledge, experience, and skill. And to find such a company, you should begin your search online. Give yourself a bit of time before you find several reliable choices and then give them a closer look.

Two young people browsing the internet
Research online and find a reliable, affordable, and experienced moving team.

But before you give them a call, you should obtain enough information about your relocation project. Inspect the whole environment and figure out if there are any obstacles that might damage your furniture. Remove what you can and prepare your home for the move. Also, by inspecting everything, you will realize how many packing materials you need and how much to invest in the whole deal. Assemble a moving checklist and list down all the requirements, questions, chores, errands, and tasks. Once you have it all, call your movers and work closely with the moving representative in order to form the best moving plan.

Onsite estimates are important

When you call your movers, ask them any questions you need answering. Give them all the info you previously obtained so they can provide a moving quote. But the best way to forge a moving plan and realize the complexity of this task is to utilize free onsite estimates. This way movers will send someone over to weigh your cargo, inspect the furniture, check out the environment, and figure out where to establish a loading dock. Also, they will point out if you can make something easier by utilizing one of the moving services Denver. It is an amazing approach serious moving companies have and you shouldn’t miss this one. Especially because it is free. Therefore, give your movers a call and schedule an appointment.

Oddly shaped chairs
Some pieces are robust and hard to handle. Let your movers do it instead.

Relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment – How to prepare?

Now, if you have the knowledge and skill you can do some things yourself before the movers arrive. For example, disassembling some of the furniture will reduce the moving cost and you will invest fewer hours into it. Also, you must have all the tools for the job as well as an adequate set of packing supplies. So, check out the list of items you must obtain if you want to do this yourself:

  • Tools – You should have the proper tools to disassemble your furniture. Use power drill, hammer, screwdriver, and pliers. Although, if it is wooden furniture in question, you must be extremely careful. Some pieces are not meant to be disassembled ever. Make sure you are aware of which one you have before you begin.
  • Blister packs – Widely known as bubble wrap, it is the ultimate king of protection. Wrap the entire piece or individual pieces and you won’t have to worry for a second.
  • Packing tape – Packing tape will hold everything nicely. Just remember not to use it directly on the furniture and rather over the blister pack or packing paper.
  • Corner pads – Use corner pads to secure the edges of any furniture you like. This is especially important for mirrors and antique furniture.
  • Cardboard box – You should pack all small pieces in bags and label it with the piece it belongs to. Place little baggies inside one box to keep them all together. This way you won’t lose a thing.

Your moving crew should handle the hardest part

Relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment should be left to movers. Yes, it is understandable that you want to help and make it all easier. But in fact, you might hinder the progress if you do not know how to do it. And you do not want to be the reason behind a moving injury or damaged equipment. Therefore, let your movers handle all the hauling and the hard labor. It is what you hired them for. Besides, they have the knowledge, manpower, and experience to tackle this project. Simply let them do their job while you supervise everything. Hopefully, you’ll find a good moving team that will relocate your furniture successfully.

relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment
Whatever needs to be disassembled, let your movers do it. They have the tools and the knowledge.

Moving insurance is highly recommended

Safety is what might concern you the most. You want to secure your moving project and relocate your items without a single moving mishap. This includes damages to your equipment, moving injuries, and missing items. So, you should consider and obtain moving insurance either from your movers or from an insurance company. Cover this side of the story and in case of any damages, you will be reimbursed adequately.

Some unpleasant events occur due to the mover’s incompetence while others can be caused by environmental influence. Such is a winter relocation. If you have such a project on your hands, you should have winter moving equipment and safety measures in place. Therefore, do whatever is in your power to cover your side of the fence. Leave no room for a mistake and hope that your movers will do the same. And for the moving insurance, it will be in place in case something serious happens.

Relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment requires a proper plan and a delicate execution. Now you know how to do it and prepare for it. Hopefully, you will have reliable movers assisting so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Good luck and stay safe!

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