Renting a moving truck in Denver

The best way to save money in your upcoming relocation is to rent a moving truck and load/unload it yourself. But before you do that, there are some things that you might wish to consider, and do. First of all, you will need to get as many moving quotes Denver, both for the truck and for the entire relocation. The reason being, you may change your mind after you see how much you need to pay for all the work the movers will be doing instead of you. Regardless, knowing more about the prices can never hurt. This article is going to go over all the things that you need to know when renting a moving truck in Denver.

Things to consider when renting a moving truck in Denver

Here is the list of things for your consideration:

  • Get multiple online quotes
  • Try to avoid peak moving times
  • The proper size of the moving truck
  • Cost of renting a moving truck in Denver
  • Driving a moving truck
  • Think of getting additional insurance before renting a moving truck in Denver
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Contact all movers in your area and get a free estimate.

Get multiple online quotes

First off, you will need to have as many quotes for the truck as you can get. This will allow you to select the best offer and save some money. However, make sure that every single company is giving you a quote based on the same set of values. If you notice any large discrepancies, always ask if there is something you are not getting, that the other companies are providing. You might as well ask them about their moving services Denver, while you are already on the phone. The goal here is to know exactly how much everything will cost before you make any final decisions. Getting an online quote is fast and easy, especially if you are only looking to rent a moving truck.

Do note that if you are looking into moving services, as well, an online quote is only a frame of reference. If you want something set in stone, you go for a binding estimate.

Try to avoid peak moving times

If you want to relocate in the prime moving season (which is summer), the price of the truck is going to be higher than in the rest of the year. Supply and demand, economic principles at work. If you can, you might as well wait the season out and reap the rewards that come with waiting. You can use the time to learn how to pack a moving truck right, and to prepare for the physical exercise that is moving. This is the time to organize some help from your friends and family members, as you are not going to be loading and unloading everything on your own. It is at least a two-person job. More help is always better, of course.

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Save some money for your upcoming move – avoid peak-days to rent a moving truck.

The proper size of the moving truck

When it comes to the size of the moving truck, bigger is not necessarily better. In fact, it is arguably worse if you rent a truck that is too big. There will be more room for your items to slide within, which means they need additional security. Additionally, it will also cost you more. No, when it comes to renting a moving truck in Denver, Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado always recommends that you rent a proper size truck. And the size that you want is around 10-15% bigger than what you think that you will need. Of course, before you rent the truck out, you may want to do some mental arithmetic, to figure out how much space your items will occupy. When you do, you simply rent a truck that is slightly larger, and you’re ready to go!

Cost of renting a moving truck in Denver

The cost of renting a truck out is largely dependant on its size and the distance that it is to travel. However, you do need to factor in the fuel costs, the toll costs, additional supplies and materials cost, and so on. Before you think you have the right price in mind, think whether you’re “good to go”, with what you have. You also need to pay close attention to drop-off points when performing an interstate move. There is always an additional cost if you can’t drop the truck off at its original location. This is called a “one-way move” in the industry, and it always costs more. Just make sure you’re aware of that, nothing else.

Driving a moving truck

You will most likely be going to drive your truck yourself. That means that you need to prepare, both physically and mentally, for that journey. It will be stressful and it will be hard. Not having to drive over long distances is one of the critical reasons why people go with a moving company for long-distance relocations. In any case, if you are driving, remember to stay safe on the road during these troubled times. This pandemic has everyone on the edge and minimizing the exposure and sanitizing properly is something we all need to consider. You don’t need to go too much out of your way, simply have these safety precautions in mind.

white truck on the road
Stay safe on the road – prepare physically and mentally before renting a moving truck.

Think of getting additional insurance before renting a moving truck in Denver

Finally, a lot of things can happen between your old home and the new one. You always want to make sure that everything is going to be fine, no matter what. This is why you might want to consider purchasing some additional insurance for your belongings. The standard insurance rate is based on the weight of your items, and pays 0.60$ per pound, usually. To be completely honest, most of your things are worth much more than that. See what kind of insurance rates you can get before you start your journey to your new home. It can literally pay off and save you heaps of trouble down the road.

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