Senior moving to Fort Collins

The moving process is very stressful, regardless of the age you are currently in. All the hassle of finding good movers, packing, driving, taking care of the fragile items, is exhausting. We can only imagine how our elderly citizens feel if a need for the move comes their way. If you fall into this group, don’t you worry about a thing. We’ve got you! Follow our advice, and we will make your senior moving to Fort Collins nothing but a breeze. In order to move here, you would need to get in touch with some of the Fort Collins movers. That should not be difficult, even if you are not prone to using computers and the internet.

Fort Collins home in the rocks
Moving to Fort Collins will be a breeze if you follow our advice

How to choose a moving company for a senior moving to Fort Collins?

You might be elderly, but you still know what you want. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise and make you do something you do not want to. If you do not know how to browse the internet in search of a good company, you can always ask for help. Have your kids or grandkids do this for you. But make sure to be part of each decision making, especially if you are paying for this whole shebang. At this point, we can assist with your senior moving to Fort Collins, by recommending Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado. They are reliable, affordable, and have much experience with these types of moves. You definitely need someone with experience in senior moving, who can understand your fears and your needs.

Hiring a senior move manager

The reasons for moving among seniors are various. Some move from their houses to retirement facilities or any other sort of assisted living as their loved ones cannot take care of them. Others move home as the one they have is too large and expensive for their needs. People with more than two kids are often left with big homes they cannot take care of, and that costs them a lot to maintain. Whatever your scenario is, you can hire a move manager to assist with logistics. If you decide to hire a manager he or she must be accredited with the National Association of Senior Move Managers. Although your loved ones will be there to help you, sometimes it is best to have a stranger do things for you. A move is a stressful event anyway, so any additional emotional rollercoaster should be avoided.

A move manager assisting in senior moving to Fort Collins
Move managers will help avoid emotional rollercoasters

The importance of downsizing during a senior move to Fort Collins

Rarely do people of age move into bigger or more spacious houses than the one they are moving out. In most cases, they are moving to a one or two-room apartments or facilities. Obviously they cannot bring all their things with you. And that can be very emotional, as there have been a lot of memories during the years. Downsizing is a really important step, but maybe the most difficult one. In these cases, it is really good to have a senior move manager who will help in getting this done. If you cannot bring all your antiques with you, managers will find a way to compensate. If you calculate your moving expenses, you will realize that decluttering is the best option.

Things to do in Fort Collins after the senior move

You can find all sorts of fun activities after your senior move to Fort Collins. The Old Town historic district has houses that date from the 1800s and a vintage trolley. If you are not a fan of the trolley ride, you can always visit The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. The museum features interactive science, history, and nature exhibits. For the active seniors, there are several trails you can use for walking and hiking. For all those who like to stay in shape, this is the best way of exercising.

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