Services that cost extra during a move

Planning a move can be costly, whether you are moving across town or to another country. Hiring professional movers is not always the most affordable solution, but it can save you a lot of trouble. The most basic moving service includes the transportation of your belongings, but there are many other services you could choose from. While moving oversized inventory and expensive items, you might need to pay for services that cost extra during the move. Some of them are included in a full-moving service, while others can be charged additionally. Take a look at some of the moving services you should save extra money for.

How to calculate your moving budget?

Before you decide to hire a moving company, you should consider how much money you have to spend on the services. Your moving budget should be enough to cover not only for these services. While you are moving, you should include living costs, transportation fees and other expenses. If you need to pay for last minute moving services, you should talk to your movers and try to negotiate a better price.

Although there are some services that cost extra during the move, you can always save money by negotiating with movers. Keep in mind that last minute-moving, relocation of expensive and oversized items might cost extra. However, the main factors that will form the price of your move will be the distance of the relocation and the size of your inventory.

Packing and unpacking – services that cost extra

The most affordable way to hire a moving company is to pay only for transportation services. If you are moving your family to Denver, this will not include any additional services. However, if you don’t have time to pack by yourself, you might want to consider getting packing (and unpacking) services. Before paying for moving services Denver, you should discuss all the details of your move with the moving company. In most cases, movers suggest a solution to the moving situation and offer a few moving services to choose from.

old chair
Make sure to let your movers know your requirements before paying for a special moving service.

Packing and unpacking services are there to save you valuable time and secure your belongings professionally. These are one of those services that cost extra during the move. However, if you are not moving on a limited budget, paying for these services is highly recommendable.

Storage services

In case some delays happen during the move, you can always rely on storage services. Most moving companies provide secure warehouses and storage units you can choose from. These services will cost you extra money, but they can be the best way to keep your inventory safe during the moving process. If you don’t have enough money to pay for storage services, you can always choose a self-storage unit or rent storage containers. Some of the temporary storage solutions are pretty affordable and there are many companies that offer them.

Although these are the services that cost extra, you can save money by making a storage plan. Usually, long-term storage units pay off more than renting a short-term unit.

Additional moving insurance

Most moving companies provide basic insurance for your inventory during the move. However, when moving valuable artwork or other expensive inventory, you might want to consider paying for full-coverage insurance. This type of insurance policy will cost extra, but it will help you save money while keeping the value of your items.

Special items relocation

Items like musical instruments, artwork and vehicles are some of the most expensive items to move. In order to move them to another location, you might need to set aside more money. Luckily, special services can also be affordable, especially if you decided to pay for a full-moving service. Here is a list of items that are expensive to move:

the inside of a piano
Moving a grand piano and other oversized objects might cost you extra money.
  • Grand piano and other oversized musical instruments
  • Aquariums and large animals
  • Expensive artwork, mirrors and chandeliers
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Oversized furniture pieces

It’s a fact that special moving services might be expensive. However, movers who provide them go to extensive training in order to handle this type of relocation. Make sure to let your movers know your requirements before paying for a special moving service.

Additional fees

In case of some obstacles in your home or office which might delay the moving process, your movers will charge extra. For example, a long staircase or limited access to your inventory might require special equipment like moving straps, dollies and cranes.

No matter which moving service you choose to pay for, there are always ways you can save money during the move.

Some of the services that cost extra during the move will include the number of men needed for the job. Even if you are moving from a small apartment, some items require more than two movers to handle. If you let your movers all the details of your inventory, they should suggest the solution in advance so you can calculate your moving costs accordingly.

Ways to save money during the move

No matter which moving service you choose to pay for, there are always ways you can save money during the move. Hiring movers is all about good planning and honest communication. If you hire a reliable company like Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado, you will have a variety of moving services to choose from. Whether you are moving last-minute or have a limited moving budget, an honest moving company will always help you plan a successful move.

Although not every moving company is affordable, there are always ways to save money while moving. If you have special or oversized inventory to move, keep in mind that those are the services that cost extra during a move. Let your movers know what type of move you want and make sure to start planning in advance.

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