Settling in Westminster with children

So, you’re relocating to Westminster with your kids? Well, we know this is both an exciting and stressful time. However, once you’re done looking for moving companies Westminster CO, packing your bags, and budgeting, it’s time to have some fun! Once you’re finally in your new home in Westminster, you’re starting a new chapter in your life. But in order to feel fully at home and excited about the future, you need to settle into your new surroundings. And you don’t have only yourself to think about – you also need to keep your children in mind. Well, don’t worry. In this article, we want to give you some tips for settling in Westminster with children. We’ll cover everything from making friends to bonding as a family – so stick around to find out how you can make Westminster your family’s new home!

The first step to settling in Westminster with children: unpacking

One of the first things that we recommend you do in order to turn your new Westminster house into a home is to unpack ASAP. We know that the moving process is tiring and you just want to put it behind you, but this is one of the last steps – you can do it. So, after your movers Denver Metro Area unload all the boxes, start setting up your home.

Parents settling in Westminster with children by unpacking boxes as a family
Unpacking your boxes as soon as possible is a great way to settle in Westminster with kids quicker – you’ll feel more at home!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all at once. You can take your time and gradually put everything in place. Our suggestion is to start by setting up your appliances and key furniture pieces so that your home is fully functional. Another thing to unpack on the first day after your move is the essentials box. Basically, not delaying the unpacking will help you settle in Westminster with kids and feel more at ease.

Extra tip: Unpack the kids’ room first to settle your children in Westminster

If you’re moving with your children, you have to be aware that this transition might be difficult for them. That’s why it’s important for them to feel as comfortable as possible and have a sense of home. You can help them create their safe space in the new home by unpacking the kids’ room first.

Something you can do to make unpacking easier is to ask your movers to help you. If you used their packing services, they’ll surely help you with unpacking as well. Of course, if they’re old enough, your kids can give you a hand and help you organize their room.

Make sure the kids’ room is all set up first and then you can move on to the living room, etc. Your children will like having their own space where they feel comfortable and homely. This is a great start to helping your kids settle after moving to Westminster.

Say hello to the neighbors and start making friends

Once you’re in the new city, you have to get out there and make friends if you don’t want to start feeling lonely. We understand that this can be pretty daunting, so we’re here to give you some advice. Start by going over to your neighbors’ houses and introducing yourself. If you need an ice-breaker and you have the time, you can bake muffins for your neighbors or invite them to a housewarming party where you can get to know them better.

Four people greeting each other with hugs
Start making friends in Westminster and you’ll start feeling like you belong.

Once you become friends with your neighbors, you’ll instantly feel much better in your new home in Westminster, CO. You’ll have someone to talk to, to rely on, and to ask for directions and tips. When you’re ready, you can gradually start meeting more and more people and expanding your circle. This is a sure way of settling in Westminster with children, so include them in the process as well.

What we mean by that is that you should introduce your children to the neighborhood kids. Organize playdates for them and help them make some new friends. That way, they’ll be much happier about the move and excited to have peers to hang out with.

Get to know Westminster with your children

Because you’re new to the city, you get to walk around and experience it as a first-timer. That means everything is bound to be much more exciting than it is when you’re a local. So, take your kids for walks around the city and get to know Westminster better. Find things to do in Westminster and places where you can spend family time, go out for dinners on special occasions, etc. Ask your children which places they would like to visit and what interests them. You get to explore together and see everything that your new home has to offer. And what better way of settling in Westminster with kids than by learning more about the city so that you feel more at home?

Spend quality time with your kids

Because moving can be very overwhelming and stressful for the entire family, but especially the youngsters, it’s good for them to know that they can rely on you. They need some certainty and support during this transition. So, show them that you’re there for them. Be their support system and spend time with them. 

Mother and sun laughing
Showing your kids that you’re there for them and being their rock during this big change is crucial, so spend some quality time together.

Organize some fun family activities, road trips, movie nights, etc. By spending time together and bonding, it will be easier for all of you to accept this change in environment. You’re all in this together, so you can rely on each other, talk about your thoughts, feelings, and worries and comfort each other. So, use this opportunity to get closer to your kids. This will be very helpful when settling in Westminster with children.

Stay in touch with old friends

Lastly, we have one more thing that can help with settling in Westminster with children. Even though you’re in a new city with new people, you don’t have to forget about your old life and friends. Neither do your children. For them, leaving their friends is probably the most stressful part of moving. So, show them that they can stay in touch with their friends even after the move. Help them get in touch with them, organize video calls, and occasional visits to your old home. This will help your kids make peace with the move easier. Of course, you should ring up your friends as well and see how they’re doing.

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