Should I Buy Moving Boxes?

You’ve planned your move, you’ve got everything scheduled. Now it’s time to pack, but wait… you don’t have any boxes! Should you try and scrape some together for free or should you just buy some bundles? Here are some pros and cons to both to help you decide.

Pros to Buying Boxes

The biggest pros to buying boxes from a retail store is that you will save time and have a better guarantee of the quality of the boxes. Although this can add up your costs, it saves time which could be worth it depending your situation and timeline. Bundles of boxes can easily be purchased from stores like Uhaul.  Depending on how many boxes your move requires, you could always buy some boxes from a store and try and gather some free ones as well.

Cons to Buying Boxes

The biggest con to buying boxes for your upcoming move is simply the cost. Like many things during a move, small expenses can add up quickly. If you have a rather large move, it could be worth it to be scrappy and find boxes on your own by searching for free ones on sites like Craigslist and NextDoor. This could end up saving you hundreds, but you’ll have to try around hunting these items down.


In the end it all depends on the size of your move and your personal bandwidth and budget. If you are on a tight schedule and would rather not have the stress of try to coordinate one more portion of your move then purchasing some boxes could be worth it. If you have some time and flexibility you could certainly save and recycle boxes by hunting around for them for t free.

If you need advice and individual services for your next upcoming move then reach out to us at Homegrown Moving and Storage Company! We handle everything from boxing up and packing your items, to loading and unloading them into your new home. You can always get a free custom quick quote from us hassle free!

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