Should I Have a Moving Sale Before or After I Move?

Moving Sale Pros & Cons

Moving can be an emotional time and also cause you consider “cleaning house” a bit. There’s a  part during every move where you have to figure out the details for getting boxes and a truck from one area to another, but there is also the aspect of moving that touches wide swaths of your life.You start to evaluate everything you have by dimensions of space, finance, and even memories. Questions start pouring through your mind: “Do I like this?”  “When did I last touch this?” “Will this fit in my new space?” You might also be looking at things and remembering your young adulthood with nostalgic home items.

So now you have to a answer these questions in an honest order and make sure your belongings are suitable for your new space. Having a moving sale before a move can help clear up space, but your basic inventory should really dive into why you’re selling things. If you are selling to get money, make sure you know your market/items value. Try using apps like NextDoor, Letgo, and even Facebook to sell larger or more expensive pieces. Get on Craigslist well before your move date so you have the time to look at your competitors and price things appropriately. If you are selling to clear space and press reset on your belongings than a garage sale might be the way to go. Price things to sell, advertise your garage sale for a week or two in your neighborhood online and with posters. Be willing to negotiate on price, this might feel like you’re just giving things away and in a way you are… But at the end of the day, clearing out half a garage full of stuff means you don’t have to pack, label, and move that stuff.  The time and money you save on the front end might be worth it for you.

Another point to consider is if your items can fit into your new living space. This includes fitting through doors or windows, but also consider if your new space can accommodate your furniture in a way that won’t be overly cramped. Moving into a new place sometimes means you evaluate your style and figure out if you want to move forward with it. You may decide to change your decor all together in order have a new theme or motif. If this is the case, clear out as much of your current items prior to moving as you can!

A moving sale is a great way to move into a new stage of life. If you have items that no longer hold meaning or get much use, selling them prior to moving is the best time to get rid of these things. You should have a moving sale before you move for multiple reasons. You will free up space, cash, and even headspace. Think of it this way… if you have a sale and no one buys anything, you have not lost anything. You still have the stuff that needs to be boxed and moved.

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