Should you trust moving reviews when picking a moving company

Relying on reviews as a credible source of info has become very popular. There are thousands of reviews out there, for services, products, and so on. Of course, you want first-hand info before, for example, hiring one of the moving companies Denver has to offer. Reviews can give you info for things you want to buy, or in this case, a Denver moving company you want to hire. Everyone suggests that you take a look at user reviews before making any online purchases. That, however, raises one important question. Should you trust moving reviews when picking a moving company you want to hire? Home Grown Moving wants to help make your move to Denver easy. We all know that a good move starts with choosing a good moving company. That’s why you should read this article for some handy advice!

When and where can you trust moving reviews?

When you enter a company’s website, you will find many different reviews there. However, there’s a chance, not every moving company wants to look bad, and as such, they might try to hide bad reviews. Luckily, there are other sites on the internet that are packed with credible reviews that you can check out.

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Finding moving reviews that are trustworthy isn’t easy.

There has been researching about the quality of a review. Based on it, the best, most honest reviews are those with three stars, maybe even four. You might think that the better the reviews, the better the company. This is not always the case, however. Finding the ideal movers and services is no easy task. It’s also very unlikely for someone to be 100% satisfied with a moving company and the move in general. Five-star reviews can be a hit-or-miss thing, as they are usually made when the user is happy or relieved. This doesn’t mean that every review with five stars isn’t valid, though.

On the other hand, we have negative reviews as well. What should you do and think when you run into a negative review about a moving company? Don’t trust moving reviews with only one star too much, either. For the most part, the person writing them was angry about something at the time. That, or the movers were just that bad. Whatever the case, your best bet for finding some of the best Denver residential movers is to trust only credible, down-to-earth reviews. We’ll get into details later in the article.

Tips for finding good moving reviews

To see what other people have to say about the company, the best thing you can do is look up the moving company and enter the words “complaints” or “reviews”. However, if you want to be 100% sure that the moving company you are checking is credible, there is a better way. The Better Business Bureau has reviews of more than 20,000 moving and storage companies. You can look up the company on the BBB site and see the grade they assigned to the mover. 

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Trust moving reviews when picking a moving company, but not all of them!


  • Learn to recognize fake reviews! There are movers and scammers that will write reviews about themselves in order to get more clients. This means that you are both at risk of being scammed and of hiring bad movers. You are moving your entire home, after all, with many different items. Good, experienced movers shouldn’t misplace or damage any of your items.
  • It’s pretty easy to recognize fakes because fake reviews usually have patterns. If the review you have read is too good to be true, you should probably look for a different one. Also, be aware and know that there are many different people writing reviews out there. Anyone can write and submit a moving review, even a person who has never hired the movers. As such, the company can be made look bad. For better results, look for more “okay” reviews on the website. For example, the moving quotes Denver moving companies give can be vastly different. Some people mind think they’re too expensive, and some might think the moving quote is too cheap. The best approach is to not trust reviews that are all negative but also not trust the ones that are just overly positive.

A few more tips

One more way to distinguish fake and credible reviews is to see how they are written. If they are too descriptive or too general, the review is most likely fake. People usually won’t write an entire essay for the apartment movers Denver had available at the time. Another good thing about reviews is that experience means details and specifics. That’s why reviews that are too general and broad should be avoided when you try to research your movers. If you are not sure which movers to hire, you know you can always count on Home Grown Moving to move your home. However, if you, just in case, want to learn more about which moving reviews to trust, take a look at these pieces of advice:

movers with a van
If you choose good movers, your move will be good as well!


  • If the review looks more like a story than a description of the service quality, that’s a sign that the review is most likely fake.
  • Overly negative reviews can also be fake. Some dishonest movers may try to hinder the competition by ruining their reputation with negative reviews. Reviews that have an aggressive tone and too much offensive language are most likely dishonest.
  • Reviews that repeat the name of the moving company on and on again are most likely advertisements more than reviews.

Now you know when to trust moving reviews!

After reading this article, should you trust moving reviews when picking a moving company? The answer is simple: yes, you should trust moving reviews, but take everything with a grain of salt. There is no perfect review, and not every moving company is perfect, either. Except for Home Grown Moving, of course. We are experienced, we are efficient, and we will do our best to move you. What are you waiting for? Hire us today!

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