Should you use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating to another state

Moving requires time, preparation, planning, and packing supplies if you want to do it right. You are the one who needs to organize it and get everything to work. On top of that, you will have a deadline and a budget that you will have to stay within. It will look impossible to accomplish at some point. Luckily, there are many movers Denver metro area that can help you. But one decision that is completely up to you is the packing supplies that you will use. You are the one providing the finances, so it is your choice. Moving boxes are mandatory packing supplies, but there is more than just one type of moving boxes. If you wonder whether you should use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating, you are in the right place.

What are the things to keep in mind when using cardboard boxes for relocation?

Cardboard moving boxes are the most used packing supply. There is no move without at least one cardboard box. The benefits of using them are numerous:

  • Ease of access to different sizes – cardboard boxes are largely used in every industry, so you can find many sizes of boxes.
  • Affordable or even free – the best boxes can usually be found with some packing services Denver CO, but you can even find them for free
  • Recyclable – whatever we do leaves a footprint on the planet, but we can reduce this by recycling. Cardboard boxes are completely recyclable.

No matter how good cardboard boxes might seem, they also have some bad sides to them like the fact that they are not so durable. They might seem sturdy and strong, but a little moisture will turn them into a soggy mess. And even though they are recyclable, it can be difficult to find facilities that do this, especially in countries that didn’t put effort into doing this yet.

Picture of a cardboard box on a wooden surface
If you don’t know whether you should use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating, know that both have both good and bad sides

Plastic bins are the future of packing supplies

There are many opinions on plastic, and it is without a doubt the biggest polluter. But this is only true because of single-use plastic. In fact, plastic moving boxes are an eco-friendly option. This material is durable and affordable and you can use it for many purposes. Plastic bins can be used for so many things, and transporting items with some cross country movers Denver is just one of them. All the items that you put inside will be safe from outside factors, and they won’t damage their surrounding in case something leaks. The only thing to keep in mind with plastic bins is that if you put moist or wet items inside, they will most certainly cause mold.

 What items should you store in plastic bins during a move?

Every item can benefit from being packed in a plastic bin, but should you do it? Moving usually requires up to 50 boxes, and buying all plastic can be expensive. So you will have to decide which items you will pack in these bins. Fragile items should have the privilege of being transported in plastic bins. And that is what most long distance movers Colorado do. Liquids should always be packed in bins as well, mostly to prevent damage to surrounding items. You can always pack non-fragile items like clothes in cardboard boxes, but make sure that they are completely dry before doing this.

Picture of a couple trying to decide whether they should use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating
Some items will benefit more from using plastic bins

To conclude, should use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating?

The decision of whether you should use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating is up to you. In the ideal case, you can use and reuse plastic bins for years to come after the move. But moving cross country is not cheap, so it is understandable if you want to cut costs with packing materials. The best solution would be a combined approach of using both. We wish you good luck!

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