Sustainable packing and moving tricks for a long distance relocation

Moving is often necessary, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful or frustrating. You might think it’s easy to pack up your whole life and relocate, however, there are many aspects of the move you should consider before starting to pack. For example, a budget can be a big issue for many people. Moving does not come cheap, especially if you have to buy all new packing supplies (which are also not cheap at all!). That’s why, once you see the prices at the packing supplies store, you might start wondering how to pack more efficiently and for less money. And with moving companies Denver CO by your side at least you don’t have to worry about your things arriving safely! So, if you want to read about our sustainable packing and moving tricks for a long distance relocation, then just keep reading!

How does sustainable packing and moving work?

In addition to finding cheaper solutions for your move, you might also be concerned with the environmental impact of your move. Nowadays, we are creating so much waste that it’s hard to feel good about relocating and buying so many supplies we will throw away later. That’s why sustainable packing and moving will not only help you save money but will also have less of an environmental impact.

A woman using sustainable packing and moving tricks
Decluttering is always the most practical sustainable packing and moving trick!

Decluttering is the first step to sustainable packing and moving

Before you start packing, your first step should be to declutter as much of your belongings as possible. You don’t want to waste your money and time on transporting things you don’t need or want anymore with. It’s just a waste, right?  So, start room by room and sort through all of your stuff. It’s good to have a partner or some friend to help you with this step. Once you start decluttering, make three piles:

  1. A donation pile
  2. A throw-away pile
  3. A garage sale pile

Sorting your things like this will help you get a better overview of how much stuff you actually have. Moreover, you will have three separate piles and will know exactly what to do with them. This brings us to our next tip.

Donate, sell or throw away what you don’t need

Once you’ve sifted through your clothes, furniture, kitchen items, and knick-knacks, you can start getting rid of them. First, throw away anything that is too damaged to use anymore. You’ll feel so much lighter once you do this! After that, donate anything you don’t want anymore that could still be useful to someone else. Making someone else happy with something that you’re not even using is amazing! Make sure you donate clothes (if they’re in good, usable condition) to homeless shelters or Goodwill. Lastly, organize a garage sale or sell things online that are still valuable. If you require some extra cash, this can be a great way to get rid of the things you don’t need. Decluttering is the most awarding part of any move, trust us!

Wrap fragile items in clothes and linens

Old but gold, this trick is sure to help you pack more sustainably. Forget the packing peanuts and bubble wrap, and simply use clothes and linens to pack your fragile items. You can use this trick for cutlery, vases, ornaments, books, wine glasses and so much more!

Make sure you wrap everything tightly and stuff any remaining space with more clothes. This way, your belongings will arrive with long distance movers Colorado in one piece and you will save a lot of money in the process.

A woman packing her clothes
You can DIY anything so let’s pack!

Pack loose items in tote bags, plastic bags, and Tupperware

When it comes to boxes, you can use a lot of stuff from your house to replace them. For example, you can plastic storage containers or baskets to pack your books, clothes, and other stuff. Tupperware can be your new box for packing up spices, while tote bags can be used for clothes, shoes, or toiletries. You can also buy cheap plastic zip lock bags for smaller items laying around the house. The options are limitless! And if you want to spend some money on packing while paying for transport yourself, then packing services Denver CO is a great option for you!

Ask your local store for leftover boxes

Many supermarkets and stores have daily shipments of cardboard boxes. They usually throw them away after unpacking the contents, so if someone asks for them they will usually just give them for free. This is a great way to get free moving boxes without lifting a finger or spending a penny! Simply walk to your nearest store and ask around.

Renting reusable moving boxes is one of the best sustainable packing and moving tricks

If you have no luck with your local store, there are moving companies that offer reusable plastic boxes for rent. This way you can use them and then return them once you’re finished. Moreover, most of these moving boxes are made from recycled plastic and are reusable. This is a much better option than buying and throwing our cardboard boxes if you care about the environment

A man packing cups into a box
Movers have a ton of experience that is useful when moving fragile or bulky things

Hire the right movers

Hiring the right movers can often be the best option for saving money in the long run. Unless you already have a truck (or a friend that has one) and some moving experience. Sometimes it’s better to leave it to the pros, even though it costs more, you’ll know that your things are in good hands. And you’re saving yourself a lot of stress and unexpected costs along the way. Luckily, home movers Denver are always here to help and offer you the best prices you can find!

Sustainable packing and moving is the future!

When you choose to pack and move sustainably, you’re not only helping yourself but the environment as well. We should all start thinking about how many packing supplies are thrown out simply because you don’t need them anymore. However, finding creative solutions to this problem is the best way to go. You can save up money if you just use what you have on hand to pack your things. However, some things like hiring Denver small movers, are often an expense you will need that pay off unless you have a good plan for moving yourself.

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