Tell your employees you are moving – when and how

Did you finally get a chance to move your office or even your entire business? Good job, you deserve this! Although you are impatient to tell your employees you are moving soon, wait before you do it. There is no doubt, this is a huge step for running your business but this news could cause different reactions. For that reason, you will need to be ready to share this information with your teammates. The last thing you want is to find out that some staff members may be sad, anxious, or unwilling to move. As we want to help you out, we will share important tips you need at this moment.  Our Longmont movers will show you how to inform and prepare your employees for an office move. With our help, your will achieve your goal: to move smoothly and quickly, with your happy employees moving with you.

Notify your employees about the move on time

Even though you wish to do it right after you get this information, think twice. Our experts for relocating to Denver recommend you to be timely but also ready to tell them more about this step your all should take. At moment you let them know about moving, you should be too excited, confused, or inconsiderate. If the details about the move are not solidified, and you don’t know actually when you will leave your current office, wait until you get more precise information.

Business meeting as a chance to tell your employees you are moving to a new office.
Choose the right way to tell your employees you are moving.

If you already have final information about the move, be direct and clear in communicating the situation to your employees. The last thing you should do, according to specialists from our Home Grown Moving Company, is to start planing the upcoming move before you share this information with your employees. So, tell your employees you are moving before they find out from another source. So, you can choose between one-on-one meetings, team briefings, or sending e-mail at first.

Be direct, honest, and emphatic after your tell employees you are moving

It is crucial for you to be open and honest about the reasons for the move. Only this way your teammates will understand why you need to move, they will appreciate your transparency and accept the change faster. Take time to remind your employees of the benefits of moving, that will motive them. Your staff will look forward to the new office, more space, equipment upgrade. Don’t forget to give everyone a chance to ask about details of the move and the new office. Only when they feel confident about the new office and job development, they will don’t mind moving the new office, anywhere in the state of Colorado. So, tell them that you count on them and you appreciate having them in your company.

Group of employees working
Explain to your employees how beneficial moving can be.

Get them involved and celebrate the move

Most of your employees will feel more valued if they are a part of the moving process. Although you are hiring moving services Denver to conduct your move, tell your employees you are moving and expect them to pack their desks. Ask them to choose wall colors or let them vote for interior design details they would like the most. In the end, host a launch party and celebrate moving to a new office with your employees

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