The 5 fastest growing cities in Colorado

Colorado is one of the most beautiful American states. It’s a western state famous for its nature and its beauty. Its biggest city is Denver, which is also the capital of this state. With about 5 000 000 residents, Colorado is one of the smaller American states. However, in the last few years, there has been a big growth in residents. Beautiful nature and breathtaking views capture the heart of each visitor. Therefore, if you are thinking of moving to Colorado, you are choosing a great place. If you are not sure which city in Colorado to choose, Colorado moving company helps you with that by giving you a list of the 5. fastest-growing cities in Colorado!

The 5 fastest growing cities in Colorado

The fastest-growing city in Colorado is Denver. Denver is the capital of Colorado and the largest city in this state. Denver was founded in 1858. It is located between the Rocky Mountains and the High Plains. It has around 700 000 residents. That is almost 1/5 of the state’s whole population. Most of the residents are White, Latino, and Black Americans. Also, the official languages are English and Spanish. Denver’s economy is the 18th best-ranked economy in America. Moreover, most of the residents work in food and accommodation, tourism, retail, construction, etc. As for education, Denver has 3 public universities and around 180 public schools. If you want to relocate here, hiring local movers Denver is the best option!

A view of Denver- fast growing city in Colorado
The 5 fastest growing cities in Colorado are Denver, Longmont, Aurora, Parker, and Lakewood.

The city of Parker

Parker is a middle-sized town in Colorado. It has around 55 000 residents and is in Douglas county. Also, it is the second largest town in Douglas County. The town was founded in 1981. Most Parkers’ residents are White, Latino, Native, and Black Americans. As for the economy, most people work in food and accommodation, tourism, retail, education, health services, etc. If Parker seems like a perfect place to live, the next step would be hiring movers Parker CO. Students of Parker are part of the Douglas County School District. Other than public schools, Parker also has some private schools, such as:

  • Ave Maria Catholic School
  • Southeast Christian School
  • Lutheran High School Parker
  • Parker Montessori Educational Institute
  • Montessori Academy

The city of Longmont

One of the fastest-growing places in Colorado is Longmont. Longmont is a city in Boulder and Weld Counties. It has around 100 000 residents and was founded in 1871. Most of its residents are White Americans, and around 20% are Latin Americans. As for the economy, most people work in food and accommodation, tourism, recreational and travel-related businesses, retail, education, health services, etc. Moreover, Longmont is famous for its long brewing industry. Also, Longmont is home to the Boulder County Campus of Front Range Community College and the St. Vrain Valley School District. If you want a small and peaceful place to live, hiring Longmont movers and relocating here is the best option.

A view of a mountain in Colorado
Many of Colorado’s cities are known tourist locations.

Other cities in Colorado

Other fast-growing cities are Lakewood and Aurora. Aurora has around 330 000 residents, and Lakewood has 150 000. Both cities are really close to Denver. Also, they form the Lakewood-Denver-Aurora area. They are a perfect mix of beautiful nature and urban life. If you opt to transfer here, hiring Lakewood movers should be your next move.

To sum it up, whichever city in the State of Colorado you choose, you will not be making a mistake. However, our top 5 fastest-growing cities in Colorado are Denver, Longmont, Parker, Aurora, and Lakewood. Whichever you choose, you will be more than welcome there. Good luck. We wish you a nice relocation!

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