The best attractions to see in Boulder County

Probably the most exciting thing about moving to a new town is getting to explore it and find out all the cool spots. All the locals in Colorado will tell you that you’ll never be bored in this state, as there are so many things to do! Coloradans love to spend time in nature and there is a plethora of hiking trails and adventures awaiting you in the wilderness of the Rockies. If you’re particularly interested in attractions to see in Boulder County, then you should continue reading. We’ll tell you all the secrets that movers Boulder CO know about the area and help you to get to know your new county.

flatirons in boulder
From the famous Flatirons to an amazing university campus, there are so many great places to visit in Boulder.

What are the best attractions to see in Boulder County?

First things first, let’s mention an activity that everyone in your family will love to do. If you’re not in the mood for a hike or anything like that, you can visit the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. This is the main street in downtown Boulder, and it is unlike any other you’ve seen. From local ice-cream shops and antique stores to cozy coffee shops, and great restaurants, you’ll definitely find something you love here. Even when you’re moving locally in Colorado, you’ll know that each town has a different vibe. When you stroll through this street, you’ll get a feeling of what Boulder is like!

Fancy a hike? You’ve arrived at the right place!

Luckily for you, hiking trails are some of the best attractions to see in Boulder County. Rather, attractions to do, not see! Moving to Colorado from another state is mostly for people who really love to spend time outdoors and to explore the mountains. There are dozens of great trails in Boulder! Starting with really easy ones, that you can even bring your dog (on a leash) along, to the most extreme ones. Either way, you can easily find the ones that you prefer. Only a few minutes away from downtown is the Colorado Chautauqua park. There, you can see the famous Flatirons! These are the main attraction in Boulder that everyone knows about. 5 unique flat peaks will blow your mind. From there lead a few hiking trails and some will give you amazing views of the entire city.

Rocky Mountain National Park is only a short drive away from Boulder

National Parks in the States are something very unique in the world. They will definitely make you want to visit them all! Rocky Mountain National Park is huge and very close to Boulder. After you move, take a weekend to drive up and see what it is all about. You’ll encounter lots of wildlife and see breathtaking views. Even those who live in the south of the state come up to enjoy nature and relax in the park. All Denver professional movers will tell you stories about the Colorado wilderness and the sights you shouldn’t miss!

woman on a forest road
There is truly something mystical about a dark forest – and Rocky Mountain National Park will feel like a whole new universe.

The University of Colorado Boulder campus is among the top attractions to see in Boulder County

This  UC Boulder campus has a very unique architectural style and it’s a perfect place for an afternoon picnic with your family. Technically, it may not fall under all the attractions to see in Boulder County, but it is sure a beautiful place to visit after you move. There is so much greenery and the red-brick building will instantly transport you into a different century. Just pay attention to your picnic basket – there are plenty of squirrels ready to grab your lunch at any time!

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