The Best Family-Friendly Activities to Do in Denver This Summer

Denver, Colorado, comes alive in the summer. It’s a paradise for families. From its vibrant culture to its sunny climate, it beckons. Family-friendly activities are plentiful, enriching both body and soul. This article, prepared for you by some of the best Colorado movers, aims to help you discover outdoor adventures, indoor escapades, and unique dining experiences. We’ll discuss safety precautions and teach you how to pick the best family-friendly activities to do in Denver. It’s all curated to help you make the most of your Denver summer.

There are Numerous Family-Friendly Activities to Do in Denver This Summer

Our article features a comprehensive selection of activities, perfect for families visiting Denver this summer. We’ve carefully chosen an array of both indoor and outdoor activities that cater to a wide age range, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Our selection criteria revolve around factors such as safety, fun, educational value, and accessibility.  As some of the best local movers in Denver, we’ve managed to gain insights into the most loved local spots. From thrilling theme parks, serene nature trails, and interactive museums to delightful culinary experiences, we cover it all. We also provide safety tips, contact details, and additional resources to help you plan your Denver summer adventure effortlessly. This guide aims to help families create unforgettable memories in Denver while also highlighting the city’s rich cultural diversity and spectacular natural beauty.

enjoying one of the family-friendly activities to do in Denver
Denver is a family-friendly place with lots of available activities

Outdoor Activities

Embrace the great outdoors with these exciting activities in Denver. This guide offers an array of options, from hiking in nature parks to enjoying live music under the stars. Whether you prefer biking, water activities, or cultural events, there’s something for everyone. In the following lines, some of the best last minute movers in Denver included safety precautions and contact details to ensure a memorable and safe summer adventure. Ready to explore? Let’s dive in!

Nature Parks and Hiking Trails

A journey through Denver’s beautiful natural landscapes is one of the best family-friendly activities to do in Denver this summer. Each of these outdoor spaces boasts a distinctive variety of plant and animal life that will captivate nature lovers and photographers alike. Marvel at the breathtaking views that unfold before you at each turn, from towering mountains to tranquil lakes. These trails offer not just a feast for the eyes but also a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The tranquil surroundings allow you to connect with nature, taking in the sweet scent of blooming wildflowers, the rustle of leaves underfoot, and the melody of birds chirping overhead. A hike in Denver’s parks and trails is an opportunity to appreciate nature’s artistry while also offering a rewarding physical challenge.

  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Mount Evans Scenic Byway
  • Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater
  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Cherry Creek State Park

Outdoor Festivals and Concerts

Immerse yourself in Denver’s rich cultural scene by participating in its outdoor festivals and concerts. These events offer a dynamic fusion of live music performances, a diverse range of local cuisine, and stunning art displays, all set against the backdrop of Denver’s vibrant cityscape. Feel the energy of the crowd as you groove to the beat of the music, sample delicious food from local vendors, and appreciate the craftsmanship of local artists. It’s more than just an event; it’s a celebration of Denver’s lively spirit and artistic flair. As you soak in the city’s festive atmosphere under the open sky, you’ll experience a sense of camaraderie with fellow festival-goers and a deeper appreciation for Denver’s cultural diversity. These festivals and concerts are not just events but a testament to the city’s creative pulse and communal unity.

  • Denver Day of Rock
  • Colorado Dragon Boat Festival
  • Cherry Creek Arts Festival
  • Denver Chalk Art Festival
  • Colorado Renaissance Festival

Bike Tours

Experience Denver like never before on a bike tour. These guided excursions provide an eco-friendly, intimate way to explore the city’s charming streets and hidden corners. Pedal your way through Denver’s diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique character and history. Along the way, you’ll stumble upon quaint cafes, vintage stores, and captivating murals that are easily missed when driving. A bike tour is more than just a ride; it’s an adventure that engages all your senses. Feel the breeze on your face, hear the city’s heartbeat, and see the intricate details that make Denver unique. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, these bike tours cater to different skill levels, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone. So, strap on your helmet, hop on a bike, and let Denver reveal its secrets to you.

  • Denver B-cycle
  • Denver City Highlights Tour
  • Cherry Creek Bike Path
  • Denver Cruiser Ride
  • Denver Mountain Parks and Red Rocks Tour
women and a girl enjoying one of the family-friendly activities to do in Denver
Bike tours are among the most popular family-friendly activities to do in Denver

Water Activities

Dive into adventure with exhilarating water activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding in Denver’s pristine lakes and rivers. These water bodies, surrounded by scenic landscapes, serve as the perfect playground for water sports enthusiasts. Paddleboarding allows you to balance on a surfboard-like vessel and propel yourself using a paddle, offering a full-body workout with a view. Kayaking, on the other hand, lets you navigate the waterways in a small, narrow boat, providing an adrenaline rush for thrill-seekers. Both activities give you a unique perspective of Denver’s natural beauty from the water, making them a must-try during your visit. So, put on your life jacket, grab a paddle, and get ready to make a splash. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these water activities guarantee a fun-filled day under the Denver sun.

  • Water World
  • Chatfield State Park
  • Confluence Kayaks
  • The Splash at Fossil Trace
  • Cherry Creek Reservoir

Safety Precautions

Your safety is paramount. When hiking, stay on marked trails, wear suitable footwear, and stay hydrated. At festivals and concerts, keep personal belongings secure and maintain awareness of your surroundings. During bike tours, wear helmets and follow traffic rules. For water activities, always wear a life jacket and avoid going alone. Remember, safety comes first!

Contact Details or Websites for More Information

For more details on each activity, visit the official Denver tourism website or reach out to local tour operators. Detailed information about hiking trails can be found on park websites, while festival and concert updates are regularly posted on event websites. Bike tour operators and water activity centers can be contacted directly for bookings and inquiries.

Indoor Activities

Indoor activities provide diverse entertainment and learning opportunities, regardless of the weather. Professional apartment movers in Denver selected the best indoor family-friendly activities to do in Denver that can range from educational outings to interactive play areas, all of which ensure fun and enrichment. Whether it’s exploring the rich history and art in museums, letting off steam in indoor play areas, getting creative at craft workshops, or delving into the wonders of science at interactive centers, indoor activities offer something for everyone.

kid in a museum
If you are looking for indoor family-friendly activities to do in Denver, you will have plenty of options as well

Museums and Exhibitions

Museums and exhibitions offer a captivating journey through time and culture. These repositories of history, art, and knowledge provide a profound understanding of various subjects, from the evolution of civilizations to the intricacies of modern art. Visitors can marvel at ancient artifacts, peruse art masterpieces, and discover scientific innovations all under one roof. Museums often curate special exhibitions, showcasing unique collections or themed displays that provide a fresh perspective on a topic. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or a curious learner, museums and exhibitions in Denver cater to a wide range of interests and ages.

The immersive educational experience offered by these institutions not only broadens one’s knowledge but also sparks creativity and critical thinking. A visit to a museum is not just a day out but a journey of discovery and inspiration. And if you move here with the help of professional residential movers in Denver, you will have an opportunity to enjoy them properly.

  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus
  • Denver Art Museum
  • History Colorado Center
  • Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

Indoor Play Areas

Indoor play areas are a haven of fun and excitement for children. These facilities are equipped with a variety of play structures, games, and activities designed to entertain, stimulate, and challenge young minds and bodies. From soft play areas for toddlers to climbing frames, slides, and ball pits for older kids, these play centers offer endless hours of active fun. Besides being a source of enjoyment, indoor play areas also foster social skills as children interact, share, and play together. The safe, clean, and supervised environment of these facilities ensures parents can relax while their children play to their heart’s content.

Indoor play areas are perfect for burning off energy, celebrating birthdays, or simply enjoying a day of fun-filled play, irrespective of the weather outside. Just make sure that your kids do not spend too much energy here. Otherwise, they will not be able to enjoy the rest of your visit properly. So, the best thing is to visit them after you move here. Of course, there are many good long distance movers in Denver that can help you with that.

  • The Monkey Bizness
  • WOW! Children’s Museum
  • Lollipop Park
  • Little Monkey Bizness
  • Dizzy Family Fun Center

Craft Workshops for Families

Craft workshops offer families a creative outlet to express their imagination and spend quality time together. These workshops, guided by skilled instructors, provide the materials and guidance necessary for participants to create their own works of art. Activities can range from painting and pottery to scrapbooking and jewelry making, catering to various interests and skill levels. These sessions not only foster creativity but also help develop fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and patience. Crafting together also strengthens family bonds, as everyone works together to create something beautiful.

girl in a workshop
Enjoy craft workshops if you have time

It’s a fun and rewarding experience where the process of creating is just as enjoyable as the end product. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, create a unique keepsake, or simply enjoy some creative fun, craft workshops offer an enriching experience for families. This, however, may not be the best activity if you are just visiting Denver for a few days. On the other hand, if you are hiring some of the interstate moving companies in Denver and moving here, craft shops can be a perfect place to spend time with your family.

  • Upstairs Circus
  • Color Me Mine
  • Tinker Art Studio
  • PoshSplat
  • Canvas and Cocktails

Interactive Science Centers

Interactive science centers make learning an engaging and fun experience. These centers are filled with hands-on exhibits and interactive displays that bring science to life. Visitors can explore a variety of scientific concepts, from physics and chemistry to biology and astronomy, in a fun and accessible way. These centers often feature interactive shows, workshops, and live demonstrations, which spark curiosity and inspire a love for science. The hands-on nature of these exhibits allows visitors to engage with science in a practical way, encouraging active participation in learning.

They often cater to a wide age range, making them a great destination for families, school groups, and anyone with a thirst for knowledge. From exploring the complexities of the natural world in eco-gardens to understanding human emotions like fear, interactive science centers cover a broad spectrum of topics. Some centers even offer special interactive kits for at-home exploration, which can be one of the best family-friendly activities to do in Denver this summer. With their blend of education and entertainment, interactive science centers serve as a dynamic platform for scientific discovery, inspiring the scientists and innovators of tomorrow.

  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • WOW! Children’s Museum
  • The Denver Aquarium
  • Spark! Discovery Preschool
  • Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

Food and Dining Options

Food and dining options are a vital aspect of any trip, offering a chance to explore local cuisine and culture. If you are looking for the best family-friendly activities to do in Denver, visiting a restaurant can be a good option. Options range from family-friendly restaurants that cater to all tastes and dietary needs to vibrant food markets offering fresh produce and street food. Look for descriptive terms such as ‘hearty’, ‘juicy’, or ‘silky’ on menus, indicating the texture and quality of dishes.

kid in a restaurant
There are many great places where you can eat

Family-Friendly Restaurants and Food Markets

Family-friendly restaurants provide a warm and welcoming environment for all ages, often with menus catering to varied tastes. Food markets offer an exciting exploration of local cuisine, providing an array of food stalls with fresh, flavorful offerings.

  • Avanti Food & Beverage
  • Sam’s No. 3
  • Snooze, an A.M. Eatery
  • Denver Central Market
  • Torchy’s Tacos

Special Features to Look for

When reviewing restaurants, consider the quality and variety of food, service, ambiance, and any unique features. Special features may include signature dishes, cooking styles, or themed interiors. Remember to note any particularly ‘gooey’, ‘hearty’, or ‘silky’ dishes that stood out.

Tips and Recommendations

When planning a trip to Denver, the best time to visit is in the fall, specifically September or October, when the weather is mild and the aspens in the mountains turn a beautiful gold. Getting around the city is easy, with biking being a particularly enjoyable mode of transport due to the cooler temperatures. For local customs, always be respectful of the environment and the people around you, and remember that Denver has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

family in a park
Denver is a relaxed place that you will certainly enjoy

If you’re traveling with kids, make the activities more enjoyable by including engaging stops such as local socially conscious breweries, which offer tastings and tours that can be fun and educational. Remember, the key to a successful trip is to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy the unique experiences Denver has to offer.

The City’s Friendly Atmosphere Makes it a Great Destination for Families to Explore

There are the best family-friendly activities to do in Denver this summer. As you can see, Denver offers a plethora of experiences that cater to everyone in the family, from stunning autumnal landscapes to socially conscious breweries. The wide range of family-friendly activities ensures fun for all ages. By being mindful of local customs and etiquette and incorporating engaging stops suitable for kids, your Denver trip will undoubtedly be a memorable one. So, pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable journey, exploring the best that Denver has to offer. If you are moving here, then you can hire some furniture movers in Denver to help you with packing.

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