The Best Neighborhoods for Apartment Living in Denver

Relocating to or within the bustling city of Denver can be a complex process, particularly when it comes to choosing the right neighborhood for apartment living. Your choice of a neighborhood can significantly impact your lifestyle, affecting everything from your daily commute to access to amenities, safety, and community vibes. This article aims to help ease this decision-making process. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on the best neighborhoods for apartment living in Denver, focusing on factors like safety, cost of living, and proximity to amenities. We’ll also explore where the city’s most affluent residents choose to live, as well as the safest areas to rent. By the end of this read, you’ll have a clearer picture of what each of Denver’s unique neighborhoods has to offer, ultimately assisting you in finding the perfect spot to call home. So, let’s dive in!

The Appeal of Denver

Denver is more than just a city—it’s a lifestyle. Its residents enjoy a unique blend of urban living and outdoor recreation that few other places can match. Denver’s downtown area is alive with activity, from bustling shops and restaurants to vibrant arts and music scenes. Meanwhile, the city’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains means hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities are never far away. Besides, Denver’s health-conscious ethos is evident in its myriad of farmers’ markets, yoga studios, bike lanes, and parks, making it one of the fittest cities in the U.S. Foodies will appreciate the city’s evolving culinary scene, boasting everything from street food to gourmet restaurants. And let’s not forget about Denver’s famous craft beer culture, which further enriches its lifestyle offerings.

View on one of the best neighborhoods for apartment living in Denver
Denver is the best place to live in Colorado

Denver’s growth and development over the years have been nothing short of impressive. Thanks to a thriving economy anchored by sectors such as tech, aerospace, and renewable energy, Denver has experienced significant population growth. The city has made substantial investments in infrastructure and amenities to accommodate this growth, ensuring that newcomers find all the conveniences of a modern, well-equipped city. This economic vibrancy, combined with a high quality of life, makes Denver a truly appealing choice for apartment living.

Criteria for Evaluating Neighborhoods

When assessing the best neighborhoods for apartment living in Denver, we’ve focused on a number of crucial factors. Each of these plays a significant role in shaping the living experience, and their importance may vary based on individual preferences and lifestyle needs.

  • Safety: This is usually a top priority. We’ve looked at the neighborhoods with low crime rates and a strong sense of community to ensure peace of mind.
  • Proximity to Amenities: Easy access to amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and healthcare facilities is highly valued in city living. We’ve examined how close each neighborhood is to these essentials.
  • Affordability: This includes not only the cost of renting an apartment but also the general cost of living. We’ve taken into account factors like average rent prices and the cost of everyday expenses like groceries, transportation, and dining out.
  • Lifestyle Alignment: Different neighborhoods cater to different lifestyles. Some are perfect for families, others suit young professionals, and some are ideal for retirees. We’ve highlighted the kind of lifestyle each neighborhood best suits.
  • Access to Public Transportation: For those without a car or those who prefer to use public transportation, easy access to bus routes, light rail services, and bike paths is crucial.
  • Quality of Schools: For those with children or planning to start a family, the quality of nearby schools is a significant factor.

By considering these factors, we aim to provide a well-rounded perspective on what it’s like to live in each neighborhood, helping you make an informed decision about your next home in Denver.

The Safest Neighborhoods in Denver for Renting

When it comes to safe neighborhoods in Denver that are perfect for renting an apartment, several areas stand out for their low crime rates and inviting community feel. Remember, safety doesn’t just involve choosing the right neighborhood. It also extends to the moving process. You’ll want to ensure your move is handled securely and professionally, something that expert apartment movers in Denver can readily ensure.

Cherry Creek

Firstly, Cherry Creek is highly-regarded for its safety. This upscale neighborhood is famous for its high-end shopping district, Cherry Creek North, and the large, open-air Cherry Creek Shopping Center. This area is also notable for its strong community presence, where residents and local authorities work together to ensure safety. If you’re considering moving here, you’ll find numerous reliable apartment movers in Denver based, ready to offer smooth and secure moving services.

a car in one of the best neighborhoods for apartment living in Denver
Cherry Creek is one of the best neighborhoods for apartment living in Denver


Another safe neighborhood worth considering is Hilltop. Located just east of Cherry Creek, Hilltop is characterized by quiet, tree-lined streets and an assortment of architectural styles. Notable for its low crime rate, it’s a perfect place for those seeking peace and tranquility in the heart of the city.

Washington Park

Finally, there’s Washington Park, or “Wash Park”, as locals call it. With two lakes, beautiful flower gardens, and one of the largest green spaces in Denver, this neighborhood boasts not only natural beauty but also a strong sense of safety and community. Its active neighborhood association puts a significant emphasis on maintaining security, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a safe place to rent.

The Best Suburb of Denver to Live In

When it comes to striking a balance between city life and suburban tranquility, the suburbs of Denver offer some excellent choices. Among the numerous suburbs surrounding the Mile High City, a few stand out for their unique blend of amenities, community spirit, and high quality of life. Choosing any of these suburbs guarantees a high quality of life with the conveniences of city life within easy reach. Just remember to plan your move wisely; professional Denver movers can ensure a hassle-free experience, letting you focus on settling into your new home.

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is one such suburb. Located about 12 miles south of Denver, it’s known for its high-quality education system, an abundance of outdoor recreation spaces, and a strong sense of community. The area boasts numerous parks, an extensive trail system, and community events throughout the year. Living here means you’re just a short drive from the city, with the added benefit of suburban serenity.


Centennial is another great suburban choice. Ranked as one of the safest cities in Colorado, it’s an attractive option for families. It’s also home to the award-winning Cherry Creek School District and offers an array of shopping and dining options. Moreover, it’s filled with beautiful parks, trails, and open spaces, perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities. If you’re considering a move here, local movers CO based are available to streamline the process.

bird view one Centennial
Centennial is one of the best suburbs in Denver


Arvada, located northwest of Denver, offers a unique blend of small-town charm and big-city convenience. Known for its vibrant arts scene, historical downtown, and outdoor concert series, Arvada provides a rich cultural experience. It also boasts an extensive trail system for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, offering a wonderful sense of suburban living. Arvada movers can help facilitate a smooth transition to this fantastic neighborhood.

Where Most Rich People Live in Denver

Denver has its share of affluent neighborhoods, each providing a unique blend of luxury, style, and comfort. Whether it’s stunning views, high-end amenities, or the seclusion they offer, these neighborhoods have all the qualities that attract the wealthy. Moving to such prestigious neighborhoods requires careful planning and expertise. Long distance moving companies Denver can ensure a seamless transition, handling your valuable possessions with the care and professionalism they deserve.

nice apartment
Denver also has many affluent neighborhoods

Cherry Hills Village

Cherry Hills Village stands out as one of the best and wealthiest neighborhoods for apartment living in Denver. This prestigious community is known for its large, luxurious homes, many situated on expansive lots with sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains. The neighborhood is characterized by its vast green spaces, including the Cherry Hills Country Club and the High Line Canal, a popular trail for walking and biking. For those considering a move from afar to this upscale neighborhood, movers in Cherry Hills Village CO can offer smooth relocation services.

Country Club

Next, there’s Country Club, an area famous for its grand and historic mansions. This exclusive neighborhood, centered around the Denver Country Club, features picturesque tree-lined streets and close proximity to Cherry Creek, a premium shopping and dining district. The homes here are a mix of architectural styles, many reflecting the early 20th century’s opulence.

The Best Neighborhoods for Apartment Living in Denver

Finding the perfect neighborhood for apartment living in Denver is all about aligning your lifestyle, budget, and preferences with the unique offerings of each area. Here are a few standout neighborhoods perfect for apartment dwellers. These neighborhoods encapsulate the essence of apartment living in Denver, offering everything from vibrant city life to peaceful retreats. When you’re ready to make the move, you can count on the professional moving services Denver has available to ensure a seamless transition.

large apartment
There are many great places in Denver where you can find a good apartment


LoDo (Lower Downtown) is Denver’s oldest neighborhood, known for its historic charm blended with modern amenities. As the heart of Denver’s nightlife, LoDo is filled with art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, and the city’s most happening bars. Its proximity to Union Station provides easy transportation, making it particularly attractive for professionals seeking a vibrant city life. Plus, with plenty of moving services Denver has to offer, relocating to LoDo is a breeze.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is another fantastic neighborhood for apartment living. Rich with history and culture, it’s home to numerous music venues, coffee houses, and local eateries. The neighborhood also offers a range of apartments, from historic mansions converted into apartments to modern high-rise units, catering to different tastes and budgets. However, moving to a new apartment can be an exciting yet daunting process. Fortunately, Denver hosts a wide array of services that can ease your transition. From packing your belongings with utmost care to ensuring they reach your new home safely, the professional packing services Denver CO provides can be of great help.

Five Points

Five Points is one of Denver’s oldest and most diverse neighborhoods. Known as the “Harlem of the West”, it has a strong cultural and musical history. That is why it is one of the best neighborhoods for apartment living in Denver. The neighborhood has experienced significant revitalization in recent years. And now, it boasts trendy apartments, craft breweries, coffee shops, and a vibrant arts scene. Remember, if you’re moving a small apartment or a large one, Denver small movers can accommodate your specific needs, providing personalized moving solutions.

Five Points
Five Points is another popular neighborhood for apartment living in Denver


Uptown, located just a short walk from downtown, is another great choice. Its tree-lined streets, diverse dining scene, and easy access to City Park make it a favorite among apartment dwellers. If you have some larger items to move, you can rely on specialized furniture movers in Denver to ensure a secure and efficient move. Remember, a stress-free move starts with choosing the right help.

Denver Has a Wide Range of Different Neighborhoods

Choosing among the best neighborhoods for apartment living in Denver comes down to aligning the area’s unique offerings with your lifestyle, needs, and preferences. From the bustling life in LoDo to the serene charm of Highlands Ranch, Denver has a wide range of options to cater to your tastes. Consider safety, amenities, affordability, and lifestyle while making your decision. And when you’re ready to move, professional moving services are readily available in Denver to help ensure a seamless transition. Remember, the perfect Denver neighborhood for you is out there, waiting to be discovered. Happy apartment hunting!

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