The cost of living in Westminster – everything you need to know

Denver is the capital and the most populous city in the state of Colorado. In a city this big, there are numerous suburbs and neighborhoods to choose from when moving. But luckily, there are also many reputable movers Denver metro area can offer that can assist you with your move. One of the bigger suburbs of Denver is Westminster, located in Adams County. And since the living expenses are a very important thing to consider, we will give you all the information needed about the cost of living in Westminster.

General information about Westminster

As a suburb of Denver, Westminster is part of the Denver Metropolitan Area. Living in such a big city has good and bad sides to it, but in Westminster, there are considerably more pros than cons. The fact that the area is serviced by our Westminster CO movers is another plus. But for a place with so many good sides, the only bad side is usually the cost of living. So is this a problem in this suburb as well, or are the living expenses in Westminster not that high? Let’s see in detail below.

Picture of a blue car owner driving through a suburb after learning the cost of living in Westminster
Westminster has more good than bad sides to it

What is included in our guide to the cost of living in Westminster?

Like in every other place, life in Westminster comes with certain expenses. Some of them are bigger than others, but the essential costs that we will cover in this article are:

  • Housing and utilities
  • Groceries
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare and childcare

Housing and utilities are the biggest expenses

Housing costs alone make up 30% of the monthly budget. In Westminster, the median home value is $388,000, compared to the national average of $245,000. Rent is also a bit higher than the average, $1,600 compared to $1,100. This is the main reason why the majority of the population in this suburb owns their homes, or more precisely 64%. Utilities are somewhat cheaper than both the national average and state average, which is good news since you will need heating in the winter.


No matter whether you cook your meals or eat in restaurants, there will be a certain expense for food. Restaurant eating is usually more expensive, especially if you want to visit fine places like Hideaway Steakhouse. But thanks to the recent food price surges, the price is almost similar. But looking at the state and national average, grocery costs are a little lower in Westminster.


People who don’t want to own a car will love Westminster, and Denver in general. Thanks to the RTD, the public transportation system in Denver is one of the most efficient ones in the county. A trip with the RTD system costs $3 for a local trip and $5.25 for a regional one. A move with some long distance movers Colorado has to offer will also turn out more expensive than a local one, from $2,200 to $5,700.

Healthcare and childcare

If you are using some moving services Denver relocation professionals offer to move with kids or elderly people, this cost will be very important for you. On average, you will need to pay $396 per person for an insurance plan. Children and some categories of adults can apply for a free healthcare program, which could potentially cut their monthly expenses. Childcare, on the other hand, costs from $458 to $2,300 a month, mostly depending on the age of your kids.

Picture of wooden cubes with letter on a white surface next to a green leaf
The cost of living in Westminster can be lower if you manage to get free healthcare

Final thoughts Westminster’s affordability

Taking everything into consideration from the cost of living in Westminster, housing is the biggest expense, since it is more expensive than the national average. All the other categories are either a bit lower, or a bit higher, but the change is not drastic. But keeping all the benefits that the city of Westminster offers in mind, it is a very good place to live in.

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