The ultimate pre-move checklist

Moving is far from a simple process. It is not something you just decide to do one day and then complete the next. Furthermore, when moving is planned, planning is not limited simply to picking out new locations for a home and a moving company. There are just so many things you need to keep in mind in order to make a moving process a success. So many things have to be taken care of. To keep track of these you need a pre-move checklist. And, of course, if you want to be extra prepared, we are offering a piece of extra advice. We will give you tips an all the major things you need to address in your pre-moving planning.

From the beginning pre-move checklist – the inventory

When it comes to making a checklist, it matters not if you are in a crunch, just hiring some last minute movers Denver while at the same time listing immediately available apartments in NYC, or rather if you have everything planned out months ahead, you still need this crucial step in every pre-move checklist – the inventory. 

To check of inventory as done, you first need to take a look at every single possession you have (not just the ones you intend to move. It means you are providing a thorough look into what you own, and therefore, into what you need to be moved.

From the beginning pre-move checklist
Clothes go through this process of selection as well

For making inventory you can pick any method imaginable. You can categorize by room, or by size, by complexity or value… it matters not to us. However, it most certainly matters to you for categorizing you absolutely must. It just has to make sense to you. If you do this correctly, you will be able to quickly decide what items to take with you (and how to pack them, unpack them, load, etc.) and what to do with those you do not desire at your new home.

Speaking of… what should you do with those? With the things not wanted… Maybe moving them would just be too hard of a task to accomplish. Maybe their use has passed, or quite possibly, you simply tired of them. In any case, what to do?

What to do with the things you do not want to move

Let us layout your options for you. Once you decide on what you want to move, and what will you dispose of, you have several options as to how to dispose of those said items.

  • First and foremost, you can always just sell them on Craigslist or a yard sale. There is no reason why you should not make money of the items from your pre-move checklist inventory, as long they are in an operable state. Do you have something that will not be of use in your future environment? Something useful that you find no use anymore, or something easily fixable but you cannot be bothered? Possibly even something rather outdated. Whatever it is, someone is definitely willing to pay for it. 
  • Secondly, you can donate them. As long as we talk about even remotely useful and usable things, why not donate them to a charity. Furniture, clothes, home appliances – all of those things are been taken by multiple charities that are certain to have some reforestation near you. Why not give it to them? You would certainly help a good cause.
  • Speaking of a good cause, you should definitely do something about recycling or reusing your items. There are a lot of ways to help the fight to save the planet, and recycling is quite certainly one of them.
  • Finally, as your last resort, you can simply dispose of them as garbage. Sometimes, it is just that simple…

Inform everybody concerned

Before your apartment movers CO of choice pick you up and you embark upon your relocation, you should do a lot of things that go into the pre-move checklist. With that in mind, what is the next thing you have to check off it? Well, we would strongly recommend making some phone calls.

Let us elaborate. In our lives, we have a lot of routines and hobbies and other activities we indulge in. In order to have this, we all make some arrangements. Be it that you are having a membership in a library, or a gym, or are a monthly subscriber to mail service or anything else. Even discount cards for movies. Anything that is meant to make your life easier where you live… However, and we are sure you see where this is going – you are not going to live there for much longer. For this reason, you need to discontinue all of these on time, in order to save yourself expenses for services and other things you have no benefit from.

In this category, we would also emphasize that you should make calls to frequent associates, friends, and family. Everyone should know you are moving.

Picking the right moving company should be on your pre-move checklist

If you are hiring Denver movers, you better make sure you are picking out good ones. A moving company is a collective of people that will, quite literary, relocate your whole life. This is why you want to be in good hands.

5 stars
Get a well-reviewed company!

Luckily, there are ways to determine if you are in such hands. First and foremost, be sure that the company is communicative, affordable and legal. Furthermore, and of great importance – check their reviews. They will tell you all about how this company treats its clients and duties.

Plan the route

Finally, your pre-move checklist for Denver small movers relocation should also have a plan of the route. Not only the route you will take, but also of the accessibility within your building block/home.

Plan your move out!

You want the movers to have a clear way to reach you.

Say goodbye

There is one more thing to check off of the pre-move checklist. And that is to say goodbye. Maybe even throw a party! Have some fun!

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