Tips and trick for packing your home in a day

Packing is one of the parts of the moving process that can last the longest. After all, you need to pack everything that you own into boxes and other containers. And people tend to own quite a lot of stuff when it comes down to it. That is why small movers CO offer their packing services for any kind of move. Usually, packing is something that people that are moving do by themselves. There are a few reasons for it but the main one is that they know exactly which items require additional care. If you need to finish everything in a day, however, it becomes a bit tricky. Packing your home in a day can be a daunting prospect and, admittedly, a hard one as well. But we will see to help you with that! So, let’s start with the question:

Is Packing Your Home In a Day Possible?

The short answer is, it depends. While it is definitely possible for most of the households to finish packing in just one day, it is impossible for an overwhelming amount of items. But we will presume that the quantity of items is not over the limit. You will need to follow the steps that are in the list below. You don’t need to do them in the exact order that is below, apart from getting the packing supplies first.

  • Packing Your Home In A Day – Get Packing Supplies
  • Start Early And Pack Seasonal Items Ahead
  • Pack Room By Room
  • Packing Your Home In A Day – Start With Kitchen
  • Declutter While You Are Packing
Start early! Pack books and seasonal items in advance!

Packing Your Home In A Day – Get Packing Supplies

The first thing that you need to do is obtain packing materials. If you want to pack everything in a day, you need to have all of the supplies on hand. Obtaining the necessary materials such as moving boxes, packing tape, bubble packs, cloth wraps, etc. on the same day that you reserve for packing is more or less impossible. That is why you need to do your obtaining well before the packing day comes. Some tips about these materials include obtaining them for free or really cheap. The more time you give to yourself to obtain these items, the less money you will need to provide.

You are not the only one that is moving and requiring packing materials. There are many people that recently moved into your area and have a lot of these materials on hand, not knowing what to do with them. You need to see to connect with these people and see what kind of deal you can get. Usually, if they are your neighbors, you can get these materials for free as they would otherwise simply throw them in the trash. But even if you are looking for these materials online you can expect a much better price than if you go to a shop and buy brand new ones.

Start Early And Pack Seasonal Items Ahead

An early start is absolutely essential when you are packing your home in a day. If you are not an early bird then you can’t really accomplish everything in a single day.  If you absolutely can’t start early and your move needs to be done in a day then you might enlist some help from last minute movers Denver. With their help, everything can be done in a day! But let’s presume that you listen to reason and start your packing day as early as possible.

Your seasonal items, as in those items that you are not currently in season such as swimwear in winter or snow jackets in summer should have been packed already. I understand that this might not be “packing in a day” after all, but these items really should have been packed way before you get to pack in a day. You will not be using them at all and there is no reason whatsoever that they are not in a moving box already.

Pack Room By Room

The organization is the key when you need to pack in a day.  Divide your work into as many rooms as you have and do them one by one. This will serve several purposes. First, you will have a sense of achievement and accomplishment after every room, something that will have you working in top condition throughout the day. Second, you will organize everything at the same time, making your unpacking that much easier. And finally, packing room by room will have you focused on one thing at a time, without any distractions.

Pack room by room! Start with the kitchen!

Packing Your Home In A Day – Start With Kitchen

The best place to start with when you want to pack in a day is the kitchen. The reason for this is that this is part of the packing process that is most time-consuming. There are all these big appliances and numerous dishes, plates and kitchen utensils that you need to pack. It will take a lot of time and effort and this is something that is best finished with way before the moving day actually comes.

Declutter While You Are Packing

While you are packing your things, there will be a lot of things that you actually do not need anymore. Packing is the perfect opportunity to declutter your house and you need to take it. Don’t overdo it, though, as you might spend more time considering if your old almanac is worth keeping or not. Make two piles for the clutter, “throwaway” and “maybe”. You pack the rest.

The moving process is the perfect time for decluttering! Get rid of unnecessary items!

Hire Professional Mover

But honestly, the best thing to do when you get to packing your home in a day is to hire a professional moving company. Their packing services will save you a lot of time, effort and stress. You can then focus on other aspects of the moving process. There are many great reasons why there are thousands of moving companies around. Moving is simply a lot easier with them.


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