Tips for packing your art collection for Cherry Hills Village

The biggest difficulty you will face when relocating to Cherry Hills Village will be securing your art collection. Regardless of what it is, you want your art to be safe and sound, protected from damage during the move. We know how tough it is to pack regular things for the move, let alone delicate and fragile pieces of art. That is why you should come to the best movers in Denver for help. At Home Grown Moving Group, we want to give our clients peace of mind during the relocation to Cherry Hills Village. With our tips for packing your art collection for Cherry Hills Village, you will know the dos and don’ts of packing art and will keep it safe during relocation.

What Is An Art Collection?

Your art collection may consist of many things. Items such as paintings and sculptures are the most common pieces of art you might have in your art collection. That is why we will focus on explaining packing and relocating paintings and sculptures. The relocation to Cherry Hills Village will be a long one, so you will definitely want to make sure your art is safe during transit.

art collection sculptures
Pack your art collection carefully to avoid damage on the trip to Cherry Hills Village.

Before we get started, you might think to yourself that you simply don’t have the time or willingness to pack your art collection for Cherry Hills Village. We understand you completely, so we offer you a useful alternative to packing your collection by yourself. Our packing services Denver CO, will surely meet your needs and will make your art collection safe from damage. With our high-quality packing materials and experienced movers, packing your art for the move to Cherry Hills Village will be a breeze.

Methods For Packing Your Art Collection For Cherry Hills Village

To be able to pack your art properly, you have to put all of your art on a list. You must also think of the materials you are going to need. Also, take into consideration that different pieces of art require different packing methods and materials. For example, you will not pack a painting the same way you’ll pack a sculpture. We will cover the required methods below.

art collection paintings
Packing a painting and packing a sculpture are two different things.

Packing a painting for Cherry Hills Village

Paintings are an extremely delicate part of your art collection. This is why they must be handled with lots of care and caution to avoid damage. Packing your paintings carelessly can lead to tearing, paint scraping, surface scratches, and many other unwanted side effects. If you follow all these steps, you will make your paintings damage-proof during the move. To pack your paintings properly for the relocation to Cherry Hills Village, follow the steps below:

  • Never touch your painting directly.
  • When you use paper to wrap your painting, make sure you’re using acid-free paper so as to avoid causing damage.
  • Protect your painting against moisture by wrapping it in plastic.
  • Use lots of sturdy, solid cardboards on both sides of the painting to prevent folding and bending.
  • Carefully tape it all together and your frameless painting is good to go.
  • Your painting will probably be the safest if it’s framed, but you must also be careful in this situation: find a  cardboard box that is large enough for the frame to fit, wrap the piece in bubble wrap, and fill the remaining space with your preferred packing material.

Packing sculptures for the move

When it comes to packing a sculpture, you probably think that all you have to do is use lots of bubble wrap. However, this is far from enough. If you just wrap the sculpture without any planning or method, you won’t protect it properly.

  • Make sure to get a box: don’t think that your sculpture will be safe without a box.
  • Don’t wrap the sculpture all at once, but instead do it in several parts: start from the top and reach the middle, then use scissors to cut this part off.
  • Once you wrap the upper half of your sculpture, use duct tape to secure it firmly.
  • Repeat the process but this time from below: make sure that the top and bottom pieces of bubble wrap overlap a little, and then use duct tape in that spot.
  • Overlap the lower half of the sculpture and secure it with tape to protect the bottom.
  • Use any packing material, preferably shredded paper, to fill the box you will put the sculpture in make sure to make a hole in the shredded paper so the sculpture will fit, then fill the empty spaces to prevent movement during transport.

Once you are done packing your art collection, our movers Cherry Hills Village CO will do the rest of the work for you. Your art collection will be safely transported to your chosen location.

What To Do In An Emergency Move

After you finish wrapping your art collection, kick back and let our company do the rest of the work. Everybody agrees that packing is very difficult, so you deserve to relax before your relocation. However, not all people are so lucky, and perhaps your relocation is a last minute relocation. If that’s the case, Home Grown Moving also has last minute movers Denver! They will do their best to keep your art collection safe, even on such short notice.

art collection cherry hills village
Even on short notice, Home Grown Moving’s got you covered.

Last Words Before Your Move To Cherry Hills Village

After packing your art collection and putting everything in our vehicles, you will feel at ease. After all, art is an investment of its own, just like jewelry, estates, and similar things. We sincerely hope that our tips for packing your art for Cherry Hills Village were of use to you. We want to make sure that our clients are happy and that you arrive and finally enjoy Cherry Hills Village properly. If you haven’t already picked Home Grown Moving, get a free estimate today!

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