Tips for stress free cross country move with kids

Did you know that when moving with kids, it does not have to be all stress and hardship? It will surely be slower and demand more time, but if you prepare well, you will end up with stress-free cross country move with kids. Whether you decide to go all DIY or hire cross country movers Denver, the rules of having a stress-free move are the same. In the next few paragraphs, we will try and summarize the very best tips for moving carefree with kids.

Plan for the trip to be longer than usual

Moving preparations take time. If you are moving locally or within the same state, two months should be enough to prepare. But if you are moving cross country, and with kids, you should start preparing at least three months ahead. Four would be ideal if you can afford to spend that much time on preparations. If you have small kids, toddlers, that probably will not remember the move, it is best to book a flight to your new destination. But if you have kids over 3 years, make the trip to the new home memorable. Plan for several days of just traveling. Make a detailed plan for all the stops along the way. While the movers from Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado are transporting all of your things, you can drive through the country, creating memories that your kids will value once they grow up.

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For the cross country move with kids plan to spend at least three months on preparation

For stress-free cross country move with kids, keep them away during prep time

The packing phase is the most important and exhausting one. If your kids are not of the age where they can help out with the move, you need to keep them away. You do not want to have them around things where they can accidentally hurt themselves. Your moving insurance will not cover that. Also, little kids tend to make a mess in a minute out of everything. This is why you need to avoid it if you want this cross country move to be stress-free. While packing and having movers disassemble your furniture, ask for help. It can be your friends or members of the family. Whoever can look out for the kids while you pack, will be appreciated.

Make a first aid kit for traveling

By this, we do not mean only the stuff you would usually have in your first aid kit. Under this, we mean more like a survival kit, in the form of a box or a small suitcase, full of stuff you need for the road. If you plan on long driving and days of travel, you will need spare clothes for both you and the kids. You will definitely need things like toothpaste and brushes, and some other stuff for hygiene. Kids will require more things than you, of course. For them, make sure to bring snacks, so you do not end up stopping each time someone is hungry. Also bring some toys, children books, and other entertainment materials to make this trip easier.

A survival kit bag needed for a stress free cross country move with kids
Plan to pack a bag or a box of all the things you will need on the road

Stress-free cross country move with kids is possible

The above were only some of the tips on how to carry on the cross country move with kids, with little or no stress at all. As you can see, it is quite possible. Think of this move as some sort of a challenge or a game, and make your kids feel the same. Enjoy the moments you will spend together on your road trip. Kids do not like changes, especially in certain years of age. This is why it is really important to make this as fun as possible for them. And while they are having fun, why wouldn’t you have it as well!

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