Top 3 Ways to Save Moving

How to Save Money Moving in Colorado

Moving your entire life/belongings is a REALLY big deal and it can be a very expensive process. So, we’ve put together 3 top ways to save money during your move in Colorado.
  1. Gather Free Moving Supplies: There are many local resources you can use in order to find moving supplies like boxes and packing materials around Denver. Try using local directories and classifieds like NextDoor and Craigslist for people posting free supplies. Lastly, try talking to a local shipping and packaging store to see if they have any leftovers you could stop by and grab for your move.
  2. Borrow a Friends Truck: It stinks to ask that friend with the truck to help you move, however it can be one of the biggest cost savers. If you are on a really tight budget, this could be with bartering or trading favors to have them help you/borrow their vehicle. A friend with a truck is a valuable friend indeed!
  3. Pack Your Own Boxes: This is extremely tedious and time consuming, so packing all of your belongs securely prior to your move will save you a ton of money and time. It will also help ensure things stay organized the way you’d like them to be. Try spacing out boxing things up over several day so things don’t get too overwhelming. Make sure you gather your moving supplies ahead of time before trying to box anything!
If you have questions about moving services in Denver or would like a free moving quote, feel free to contact us at Homegrown Moving and Storage Company! We handle moves across the state of Colorado including everything from residential moves to moving your business.

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