Top reasons why people move to and stay in Greenwood Village

Choosing where to move can be a vital part of your moving journey. There are many places to choose from, but only one will be yours forever home. If you are moving to Colorado, Denver might seem like the best option, especially because it is the capital of Colorado. However, there is a smaller place that gives as many opportunities as Denver. One of them is Greenwood Village. A small place of 15 000 people is also a part of the Denver–Aurora–Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. Other than this, there are many benefits of moving here. To help you understand them better, moving companies Denver CO give you top reasons why people move to and stay in Greenwood Village!

Affordable livability in Greenwood Village

Livability is one of the most vital things when choosing a place to live. Housing prices in Greenwood Village are similar to average prices in the USA. Two bedroom and two bathroom house are usually 450 000 $ but can go higher. Food prices, services, and utilities are affordable as well. That is why we advise you to hire movers in DTC and to move here!

Transportation is much cheaper than in most places in Colorado since Denver is only 9 miles from Greenwood Village. The income per person is 85 000 $, which is double than average in Colorado. If you are looking for a place with affordable livability, hiring moving companies Greenwood Village CO is the best move.

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The benefit of living in Greenwood Village is affordable livability.

Low unemployment and poverty

People move to and stay in Greenwood Village because of the nice employment rate. Unemployment is only 2%, which is much lower than average in America. Greenwood Village is great because it is close to Denver, which means you will not be spending thousands and thousands on transportation from your job to your house and vice versa. Homelessness is also very low. Only 4,5% of residents are homeless, while the average is 12%. Therefore, if you are thinking about changing jobs and moving, hiring home movers Denver would be the best option.

Good education and a cozy place- Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village has 7. public schools and one private school. Since it’s a smaller town, there are not too many students per teacher. Therefore, it’s much easier to learn and teach students if there are not too many. According to statistics:

  • 98% of the residents finished elementary school
  • 78% have at least one bachelor’s degree

That is a much higher ratio of graduates than in the rest of the USA. If education is an important moving factor, moving here with the help of moving services Denver will not be a mistake.

Greenwood Village is also great for those who do not like big cities, or small villages. It’s a perfect mix of both of them. Everything is within arms reach, but you won’t be woken up by loud traffic or huge night parties. That is why many people use senior moving services Denver and decide to enjoy a peaceful life.

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Greenwood Village is only 9 miles from Denver. Its good location is another reason why people relocate to and stay in Greenwood Village.

Top reasons why people move to and stay in Greenwood Village- conclusion

The top reasons people move to and stay in Greenwood Village are its nice location, cozy place, and affordable livability. The small unemployment rate and small homelessness are also a big plus. One thing to note is that there have been some violent attacks in this area, but just like any other place, there is a crime. However, since this place has more ups than downs, we advise you to move to this beautiful place. Welcome to the state of Colorado, we wish you a good move.

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