Ways to stay in touch after a long distance relocation to Lakewood  

Moving long distances can be overwhelming in many ways. You have to think about finances, time, packing, and much more! But don’t worry, with professional movers Denver by your side, the relocation process will be much easier. However, many people are more anxious about their life after a moving day. That is, saying goodbye to all of your friends (and maybe even relatives) and venturing out to find new ones. It can be very scary to think about this and you might be wondering how you will stay close to your friends once you move. If that’s the case, then just keep reading. Here are the best ways to stay in touch after a long distance relocation to Lakewood. 

Ways to stay in touch after a long distance relocation to Lakewood

There are many ways you can chat with your loved ones once you relocate. This can be great but overwhelming as well. Which one should you choose? Or should you choose more than one? To make this a little bit easier for you, we have included the following ways to stay in touch on our list:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • E-mail
  • Letters
Facebook - the best ways to stay in touch after a long distance relocation to Lakewood  
We all know Facebook, right? Then let’s start there.


Nowadays, Facebook is present in all of our lives. You probably already had contact with your friends on Facebook, but once you move it’s time to be more active! You can connect with all of your friends in a group chat or hit them up separately. Additionally, can also post your latest life updates to keep them in the loop. And even better, you’ll know what they are doing as well. Facebook is an easy and straightforward platform for communication, so it might be your best option if you’re not interested in other social media platforms. So, when movers in Lakewood relocate you to your new home, all you have to do is jump on Facebook and chat with your friends.  


This is another great social media platform that guarantees you’ll be in the know about your friends’ lives and experiences. You can share photos, videos, jokes, and much more. If you’re moving by yourself, Instagram can be a great way to feel included and up-to-date with the people you care about. And with the new features, you can even call each other! 

A woman on a video call
Seeing your loved ones on screen will put a smile on your face when you’ve had a bad day.


Regular phone calls are so outdated and expensive as well! Why bother when you can have all of your friends on Skype? This app offers video calls, video conference calls, group chats, games, and much more! And if you have to leave home in a hurry for a job, call your friends asap once emergency moving company unloads your last box! Moreover, you can make it a tradition to keep regular dates with friends and family. For example, every Sunday afternoon or Monday night after a long day at work. Trust us, it’s so much easier to keep in touch when you make it part of your schedule.  


Another great way to stay in touch after a long distance relocation to Lakewood is WhatsApp. This is one of the most globally popular instant messaging apps out there! Given that it’s only for texting, it has a certain personal atmosphere to it. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to post pictures or look at other people’s posts, then WhatsApp may be the right fit for you. And don’t forget emoticons! You can have a group chat with your closest friends after residential movers CO help you move and feel like they’re right next to you. 


Yup, you read that right, email. Maybe this is the last thing that you would think of when looking for ways to communicate with your friends. However, emailing back and forth can get pretty fun! You can write long, in-depth messages, telling them every little detail about your new life. And you can change the font, color, and text size to make it more fun, too! Moreover, most people are used to getting work e-mails, but not from a friend trying to stay in touch. It would be a great surprise, don’t you think? 

Sending letters is a thoughtful way to stay in touch after a long distance relocation to Lakewood 

Now, if you’re a sentimental person, you know that there is nothing better than receiving a handwritten letter. When you see an actual letter in your mailbox, it’s hard not to feel happy! It’s not the fastest way to tell someone your news, but it’s so personal and thoughtful! Writing a letter can also become a friend or family tradition. And if you’re in a hurry to catch up with your friends, use one of the ways we mentioned above for a quick chat. 

A note saying "make it happen!"on paper
Sometimes we need to break our routine in order to feel happy again! A trip is perfect for that.

Plan a Trip 

Being homesick is normal because it takes time to get used to a completely new environment. We get so used to our homes, neighborhoods, friends, family, and everything else, so moving can leave you with a pretty big hole in your heart. That’s why planning a trip back home to visit can help you feel better and have something to look forward to! And it can be motivation to keep working and pushing yourself so you can enjoy your trip fully! You can start calling up your friends to let them know, make plans, and just be happy to see everyone again.  

There are so many ways to stay in touch after a long distance relocation to Lakewood 

As we mentioned before, there are various ways to keep in touch once you move. It’s mostly up to you what you choose and how much effort you put in with your loved ones! Nowadays, everyone has at least (if not all) of the apps we’ve mentioned above. And if you’re feeling sentimental after long distance movers Colorado help you relocate, you can really melt someone’s heart with a handwritten letter. Whatever you chose, it’s the thought that counts. And if you ever feel overwhelmed or homesick, just book a trip home and you’ll feel better in no time.

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