What are the most affordable cities in Colorado to move to?

If you decide to move to Colorado, it will be interesting to find out what are the most affordable cities in Colorado to move to. With the help of moving companies Denver, we have created a list of cities where you can live. Although the number of settlers to Colorado has decreased in the last few years, it is still one of the most attractive places to move to. In 2015, Colorado welcomed around 70,000 people, giving them a new life. After that year, the number decreased to reach only 14,700 newcomers in 2021. Even though statistics do not indicate progress in this field, Colorado is still one of the most attractive states in the US to move to. This is due to the large number of affordable cities to live in.

1. Aurora

Aurora is the third largest city in Colorado. It is 20 minutes away from Denver, so it will be a good location to live if you work in Denver. It is also about one and a half hours close to the mountains which makes it even more attractive for nature and outdoor life lovers. This is a home for more than 400,000 inhabitants and its parks, restaurants, and museums cheer up the people every day

Colorado lake and mountain
Incredible natural beauty in a part of the most affordable cities in Colorado to move to

With an average monthly rent of $1,300, monthly utilities of $120 for an 85m2 apartment, and affordable grocery prices, this will be the most affordable city in Colorado. However, if you are looking for a more urban city with big condos and skyscrapers Aurora is not for you. This is a town with family houses and yards.

2. Colorado Springs

One of the largest cities in Colorado, Colorado Springs, a city of the views, is also on the list of affordable cities in Colorado to move to. With great mostly sunny weather, this is a city with plenty of outdoor activities. If you enjoy hiking, skiing, and fishing, this is the perfect place for you. As an Olympic city, it has a training center and a museum, and many Olympic champions.

The city, which is an hour’s drive from Denver, has an average rent of $1,750 and monthly utilities of around $170 for an 85m2 apartment. Grocery prices and prices in restaurants and bars are as affordable as in Aurora. The average cost of apartments is one of the advantages to decide to move. But there are not enough of them.

However, if you have lived in lower areas until now, the thin air of this city can be a problem for you. Also, the city is the target of a large number of tourists, so you have to get used to it. And the third thing to keep in mind is the importance of having insurance due to weather disasters, because hail or wind, and fire can destroy your property at a moment’s notice.

3. Fort Collins

Fort Collins is the fourth most populous city in Colorado. With an average home price of about $450,000, an average rent of $2,300 per month, and relatively low monthly utilities of about $170, it is one of the more affordable places to live.

Kayaking in the most affordable cities in Colorado to move to
Kayaking in Colorado is one of the outdoor activities

Like most cities in the area, it is rich in natural beauty and outdoor activities. West of town is Horsetooth Reservoir for those who enjoy fishing, water skiing, or boating.  Reasonable food prices will allow you to have your meals at restaurants. And it is sure to influence your choice of place to relocate. If you decide to settle in this city, Fort Collins movers will provide you with some information about the city.

4. Parker

If you consider Parker Co to be your new port of call, you can be sure that the grocery prices will meet your expectations. It will be the same as with the costs of electricity. But the costs of health care, transportation, and housing will be higher than average.

Looking at the astronomical price growth in Denver, Parker is still a better destination to live in. According to the opinion of movers Parker CO, the best neighborhoods in Parker are Cottonwood, Stonegate, The Pinery, and Bradbury Ranch. In all neighborhoods, the price of houses ranges between $300,000 and $500,000.

5. Longmont

With an average income of $60,000 and median home price of 480,000$ Longmont is still among the affordable cities in Colorado to move to. For lovers of winter and cooler days, Longmont is an ideal place to live. Even in winter, most days will be sunny days. Outdoor recreation is extensive with 35 parks around. It is only 45 minutes from Denver, which also offers great job opportunities.

Longmont is a great place where you can live like Denver but with lower costs. With Longmont movers in Colorado, you will find the best moving offers as well as all the essential tips about living in Longmont.

The most affordable cities in Colorado to move to are waiting for you

To sum it all up, the state of Colorado is a very attractive destination for relocation, and the fact that there are very affordable cities to live in is very encouraging. Whether you are an individual, a retired person, or a family with children, and looking for a city that requires a lower monthly budget, you will surely find it in Colorado.

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