What are the most expensive items to move?

When you are planning your relocation, you have to set a moving budget as well. And one thing will influence the overall price of your relocation – certain items that are expensive to move!  There are reasons for that, such as having special requirements, conditions, packing skills, etc. Continue reading this article and find out what are the most expensive items to move!

What could be the most expensive items to move in your home

Now to know exactly what items are expensive to transport you will have to go through all of your home inventory. Make a list of every item you deem valuable in your home. Always do this room by room! That way you will both know what items are very expensive and where they go. Once you are done with this, you will have a rough idea of what valuable things you have in your home. This is a precise estimate of the most expensive items to move. In the end, what you may consider expensive to move can be pretty cheap. So, after you make a rough list of valuable items in your home, start thinking about which ones are really expensive!

a paper and pen you can use to make a list of the most expensive items to move
Make a list of what you consider are the most expensive items to move

As we mentioned, what you consider to be an expensive item to move, your reliable movers may not. With all the experience behind them, and knowing all the tricks and trips in transportation, it can be very easy for them. All you have to do is call your movers, tell them about your items and get moving quotes Denver. That way you will know if they are the most expensive items to move!

What factors influence the price of transportation

When we are talking about valuable items and their transportation, we have to take into consideration a lot of different factors. These factors will influence the cost of the move. And according to them, some items can be the most expensive items to move. The main factor that will influence the price of transportation is packing materials. Different expensive items will require different packing methods and supplies. And this can be quite expensive depending on the item itself. Are you using special cases, crates, packing supplies, etc. And lastly, the distance plays a major role here! If they are transporting an expensive item long-distance, then they need to make sure it is safe while in transport. This will cost you more for sure!

money banks on the table
There are a lot of factors that can influence the price of transportation

Moving valuable items in your home can be difficult. And if you do not know what you are doing, you can make a mess! This is why you should always consider hiring professionals like Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado to assist you! Only with reliable and professional movers at your side will you know that your items are safe!

Know what you are moving

Once you learned what items you are moving, it is time to get to know them better! Meaning, you will have to learn if they require some special attention when moving. For instance, if you are moving food, you will need an AC controlled moving truck. Electronics require hard cases and packing materials, etc. These simple things can influence the price of transportation a lot! And in these moments, the best way to save some money is to do some tasks yourself! For instance, moving electronics can be very tricky if you do not know what you are doing. Such is the case with laptops, tablets, cellphones, etc. The best way you can save some money when moving expensive items like this is to know some tips and tricks when transporting electronics.

Gadgets on the table
Make sure to pack your electronics the right way

Moving artwork

Artwork can be one of the most expensive items to transport, if not the most. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can take a lot of room when packing. Also, depending on what art piece we are talking about, it can require a different approach. For instance, you can’t pack paintings the same way you would pack statues. One thing is for certain, you will need to get yourself a bunch of wooden crates. Only by placing your artwork in them can you know that it is safe while being transported.  Having wooden crates is just one of the ways to transport expensive items from your home.

a statue of a little angel
Artwork requires special care and packing supplies

Transporting instruments

Did you know that transporting music instruments is one of the hardest things someone can organize? The prices of these items can vary from 100$ to millions of dollars. And when we are talking about expensive music instruments, then you will need a lot of preparation. You can just simply put the instrument in its box and move it. No, you will have to make special arrangements to keep it safe while being transported. Small instruments can be easy to move; the problems begin with large ones. For instance, moving pianos, harps, basses, cellos, etc can become a very tiring and demanding job. As we said, artwork can come in all shapes and sizes, and antique furniture is one of them as well. And there are some things you can do to transport valuable furniture with ease! It is a good thing to know some tips and tricks about it.

a man playing the guitar symbolizing one of the most expensive items to move
Some instruments can be very expensive

The most expensive items to move will require special care and packing materials. As we said earlier, you will have to differentiate between what you consider expensive and what really is. But, all in all, with the help of the right moving company, you can negotiate the price and know that your items are in the safe hands! Do you already have any experience in this type of transportation? Give us your feedback! You can leave a comment in the comment section down below!

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