What are the risks of packing and moving by yourself?

Wanting to save money nowadays is a legit goal that is sometimes hard to reach. Everything is more expensive, and cutting costs is a must. Moving often comes around unplanned, and it is a rather expensive endeavor. In their desire to save money, many people resort to DIY methods, even for moving, when the stakes are high. Hiring reputable movers like Home Grown Moving Company comes as a last resort when it really should be the first option. There are certain risks of packing and moving by yourself, and we will explain them in detail, and hopefully convince you that moving by yourself is not the brightest idea.

The risks of packing and moving by yourself are higher than you think

Many people think that nothing bad can happen during their moves, and there can be two cases. One, those people either never moved, or they were extremely lucky. Our long distance movers Colorado are skilled professionals, who know what is needed to complete a move. They are also aware of the numerous risks of packing and moving by themselves, which include:

  1. Damaged items
  2. Injuries
Picture of a person taking the risks of packing and moving by yourself
Movers know what it takes to complete a move

Your items can get damaged

We don’t say that the regular person doesn’t know how to pack, but it takes more than putting an item in a box. Proper packing will insure that your items make it to your new home in top condition. And our Denver residential movers guarantee that! Packing takes time, skill, and proper packing materials, which our movers will provide. Fragile items can get damaged with the smallest bump in the road. So it takes good packing and good driving to complete a move properly.

People can get injured

Even if you decide to move by yourself, you won’t be doing everything alone. You will either have our family or friends helping – at least with heavy furniture moving. You can damage your items. But more importantly, you can hurt yourself while moving heavy things. Back pain is a minor concern, compared to furniture falling on people’s feet and fingers. With the help of reliable local movers Denver residents recommend, you won’t risk anyone getting hurt, because our team has done this a dozen times.

Do we ever recommend moving without professional help?

Professional help is the best thing that you can do for your move. We always recommend it, but in rare cases, you can move without skilled assistance. If you happen to move across the street, or to another block in the same neighborhood and have only a studio apartment to move into, you can likely get away without help. But in case you don’t want a DIY move, movers are always available, all you have to do is give them a call!

Picture of a person carrying boxes to a white van
The risks of packing and moving by yourself are high, especially during a long-distance move

Final thoughts

As you can see, the risks of packing and moving by yourself are high, especially during a long distance move where you need to handle a large moving inventory. By doing everything yourself, you also risk spending more money and time, both of which you might not have a lot. All in all, professional packers are the solution to every packing-related problem. We wish you good luck and no problems or injuries during your move!

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